So, the American version of "The Office" was a total rip-off of the British version (down to the same types of characters, office seating arrangements, and even word-for-word jokes). The only plus was the lack of a laugh track. If the writers don't come up with any good new material (which they are allegedly going to do here on out), I'm just going to stick to the Ricky Gervais material.

David: This is Sanj, this guy does the best Ali G impersonation, Aiiieee. I can't do it, go on, do it.
Sanj: I don't, must be someone else.
David: Oh sorry, it's the other one... [awkward pause and tense silence]
Sanj: The other what... Paki?
David: Ah, that's racist.

Have a good weekend, y'all. And for my little Easter Bunnies, here is a reprisal of David Sedaris' commentary on the holiday that I posted last year.

1. Unless you want to end up like Schiavo, get a living will. It's Islamically Delicious!
2. Check out this alarm clock.
3. Baby cheetahs at the National Zoo, potential cherry blossoms in bloom, and Toulouse Lautrec exhibit at the National Gallery - it's shaping up to be a good weekend.

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