Just got back from Finland and the jetlag is killing me! TP had a function at the Embassy of Finland this week and as the dutiful wife, I showed up, mingled with the Ambassador (from across the room), listened to the speeches, and sat in almost every piece of artwork I could. We were treated to an advance design exhibition of Eero Aarnio, a Finnish designer who created funky plastic furniture in the 1960s. I spun around in the Ball Chair, swung back and forth in the Bubble Chair, and tried to race TP on the Pony Chair. Good times.

Ok, interview time (apparently only KK and Moiz were willing to subject themselves to my Qs!):

1. You seem to have an endless supply of and appreciation for poetry. Do you have any favorite poets or poems?
2. As a fellow movie buff, what movies would make your top ten list?
3. What is the single biggest difference between life in the U.A.E. and life in Pakistan?
4. What work of fiction have you read over and over again?
5. If medicine was not the path you were to follow, what would be?

1. How did you end up in Sydney?
2. If you have eaten any of the following, what is your opinion on it: Moreton Bay Bugs, Barramundi, Kangaroo, Durian Fruit, Shrimp on the Barbee?
3. Why do you refuse to spell your words out?
4. Do you and your sister get along?
5. How's that blue hair working out for ya?

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