Aziza Norbu J. Kittycat (Noor for short)

She's here! Alhumdulillah, she's healthy, happy, and here! She came on her due date according to my calculations (even though it's a week before the so-called-sonogramist's calculations) - that's mah girl! *wipes tear from eyes* Like her bhai, she is quite the fashion plate and decided to wrap the cord around her neck just to keep things interesting. Unlike her bhai who took three hours of pushing and then decided to make his grand entrance, this little missy made her appearance after a mere 2.5 pushes. 7 lbs, 3 ozs, 21 inches, shock of black hair, delicate lips, and hypnotizing eyes that distract me to no end. Thanks for all du'as and well-wishes and keep 'em coming! More on me wee pirate lassie later! Yeehawwwzzzzz. . . zzzzz . . . zzzzz.


The wee small hours . . . isn't that redundant?

Thoughts that occupy me when I am up gagging/gasping/wriggling around at 2 a.m.

  • Does the band Aquarium have any idea that a 22 month old boy specifically requests to hear its music while dining?
  • Should I get Baby X's ears pierced when she is still a baby or wait until she is older and let her decide on her own?
  • Does TP know how much I appreciate the fact that, despite having a hectic day at work and having to give a presentation at Georgetown Law, he still took the time out of his day to pick up some of my absolute favorite food in the world?
  • How can I ever express to LB how much it means to me how well she looks after me and the fam as though SHE is the baji? Same goes for my parents - I don't take all that they've done for me for granted, but "thanks" doesn't seem to cover it.
  • When was the last time I went to the Crentist?
  • After successfully selling our old bed on Craigslist, what else can I clear out? My now-too-small-shoes? One of the several coffee tables we have in the basement? Maternity clothes?
  • Will I have enough time to get an epidural or will it all happen so fast that I won't have the window to be hydrated enough in time? And how much vomiting will I be engaging in this time around?
  • Why does the joke from They Might Be Giant's "Here Come the 1, 2, 3s" (J1: "Hey, John, I hear a tuba." J2: "Yeah, I hear it too." J1: "Hey, I hear another tuba! I hear two tubas!" J2: "Hey, John, what's tuba plus tuba?" J1: "Fourba.") consistently crack me up? Is it the whimsy? Is it the delivery? Is it the forehead-slapping-and-giggling-in-acknowledgement that the joke is so corny finale?
  • Why is ZP so fascinated by my toes that he will actually flip out if I don't let him tickle them sometimes?
  • How smoothly will it work out when I start working again and have two kids at home?
  • How happy was I when Stephen Colbert referenced one of my my favorite words in a recent episode of his show? How dorky am I that I have favorite words?
  • How will ZP handle becoming "the old baby"?
  • When is this baby going to let me sleep?