The wee small hours . . . isn't that redundant?

Thoughts that occupy me when I am up gagging/gasping/wriggling around at 2 a.m.

  • Does the band Aquarium have any idea that a 22 month old boy specifically requests to hear its music while dining?
  • Should I get Baby X's ears pierced when she is still a baby or wait until she is older and let her decide on her own?
  • Does TP know how much I appreciate the fact that, despite having a hectic day at work and having to give a presentation at Georgetown Law, he still took the time out of his day to pick up some of my absolute favorite food in the world?
  • How can I ever express to LB how much it means to me how well she looks after me and the fam as though SHE is the baji? Same goes for my parents - I don't take all that they've done for me for granted, but "thanks" doesn't seem to cover it.
  • When was the last time I went to the Crentist?
  • After successfully selling our old bed on Craigslist, what else can I clear out? My now-too-small-shoes? One of the several coffee tables we have in the basement? Maternity clothes?
  • Will I have enough time to get an epidural or will it all happen so fast that I won't have the window to be hydrated enough in time? And how much vomiting will I be engaging in this time around?
  • Why does the joke from They Might Be Giant's "Here Come the 1, 2, 3s" (J1: "Hey, John, I hear a tuba." J2: "Yeah, I hear it too." J1: "Hey, I hear another tuba! I hear two tubas!" J2: "Hey, John, what's tuba plus tuba?" J1: "Fourba.") consistently crack me up? Is it the whimsy? Is it the delivery? Is it the forehead-slapping-and-giggling-in-acknowledgement that the joke is so corny finale?
  • Why is ZP so fascinated by my toes that he will actually flip out if I don't let him tickle them sometimes?
  • How smoothly will it work out when I start working again and have two kids at home?
  • How happy was I when Stephen Colbert referenced one of my my favorite words in a recent episode of his show? How dorky am I that I have favorite words?
  • How will ZP handle becoming "the old baby"?
  • When is this baby going to let me sleep?


Chantale said...


Ayesha said...

what what!
is baby x here already?

yasmine said...

i have Lil Baji's emails to reply to, but i just wanted to pop in here really quickly and say Mabrouk and give you big ol'virtual bone-crushing squeezy hug! HIGHFIVE to march babies! lowve you, baji-star!

Abez said...

I sent my congrats via email, cuz I wasn't sure whether Baji wanted to break the news herself, but hey- Baji had her lil Miss Kittycat, March 8th, around 2 am, and more than that I don't know but -hugs- for Baji and her beautiful tribe. :)

baj said...

thx, gang!!! much love to ye all! *konk*