your turn

It was LB's birthday this weekend (yes, the whole weekend).
It will be TP's birthday soon (and yes, Najm-the-vanished too).
It will be my Dadaji's birthday sooner than that (Georgia, here we come!)
End of the quarter rush at work.
Four gallons of paint waiting to be applied to the living room and dining room.
New flowers dying of thirst in this hot hot city.
Blogistan reunion (or a newunion since I haven't actually met half of my crackstar buddies in real life) coming up!

Soooo . . . what mischief are you up to these days?


sunny day, sweeping the clouds awaaaay

ZP slept from 8:30 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. without getting up once.
I slept from 9:00 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. without getting up once.
I don't remember the last time that happened.

I woke up refreshed.
I took a nice, leisurely shower.
I had a cup of espresso (courtesy of my brand new espresso machine).
I didn't have to rush around to pack my lunch because we have a two-hour meeting today that will include cake and pizza.
I walked to the Metro in the bright sun-shiney day.
The train was just pulling up as I came down the escalator.
I got a seat near a clean (i.e., not filmy with other passenger's oily hair grease) window.
As I crossed into Virginia and watched the morning sun glint off of the Potomac River, I heard the lyrics "The sky is open-armed" and wanted to yell, "hellz yeah!"

See the world in green and blue
See China right in front of you
See the canyons broken by cloud
See the tuna fleets clearing the sea out
See the Bedouin fires at night
See the oil fields at first light
And see the bird with a leaf in her mouth
After the flood all the colors came out