your turn

It was LB's birthday this weekend (yes, the whole weekend).
It will be TP's birthday soon (and yes, Najm-the-vanished too).
It will be my Dadaji's birthday sooner than that (Georgia, here we come!)
End of the quarter rush at work.
Four gallons of paint waiting to be applied to the living room and dining room.
New flowers dying of thirst in this hot hot city.
Blogistan reunion (or a newunion since I haven't actually met half of my crackstar buddies in real life) coming up!

Soooo . . . what mischief are you up to these days?


HijabMan said...

1. being naughty with dunkin donuts.
2. getting ready for icna
3. hoping my first video blog is an interview with a transexual muslim
4. im doing an apartment inventory and wish i had some child labor, cause im knee deep in shirts
5. not doing the dishes
6. not working out, like i should be doing
7. cant wait to see zp and you guys and the newunion!

much lowve

Ismael said...

were in the three point stance waiting for ur clan to come rolling over that hill. cant wait to see you all soon

Crazed Teacher said...

1. annoying husband,
2. skipping gym
3. annoying husband.
4. going to office.
5. annoying husband.
6. complaining about crik in th eneck.
7. annoying husband.
8. really annoying husband.
9. having fun while annoying husband.
10. wishing could annoy husband some more he hardly has time to give me to annoy him hehehe

DeOwl said...

Yo Baj. I gonna be on the east coast late July onwards. Is your blogistan reunion around then? Cuz I'd love to crash it. ;)

baj said...

hj - law-breaker. as for the interview, ya know tp could probably set that up for ye. also, reading your comment quickly, can you guess what i thought 'knee deep in shirts' read? see you in a few weeks!

iz - yay! we can't wait! get the taboo warmed up.

uz - hee! i don't see much of my hubby lately so i have tried to annoy my sister instead. the other day, i deliberately tried to rile her up by theatening to give zp another military hair cut. heh.

owl - SERIOUSLY!? that would be so so so SO awesome! we're looking at the weekend of july 20th from NY to PA to DC and all points in between. think you can swing it?! (interro-giddy!)

yasmine said...

AHHHH, Owl and I have tried to do meetups TWICE in the last couple of years, and somehow it never worked. DUDE. How rocking would THIS be?! (interrorockstarreunion!) Come, come!

crazedteacher's comment made me laugh :D

and ismael's were in the three point stance waiting for ur clan to come rolling over that hill is ROCKING. i gotta use that line.

yasmine said...

oh, as for me:

1. eating snacks at work (DOUGHNUTS)
2. thinking 5.30pm can't come too soon
3. looking forward to crashing a concert (for FREE) in berkeley this evening
4. looking forward to dinner with friends tomorrow evening, but NOT looking forward to having to dress up for said dinner. GAH.
5. looking forward to another FREE concert in san francisco on sunday afternoon
5. rodrigo y gabriela concert next wednesday! ROCKSTARS!
6. reunion with college buddies and mentors next week
7. planning potlucks with friends
8. conference in seattle for work (sad, because i will miss the brett dennen concert in SF)
9. best. thing. ever. this year: NEWUNION 007!

yasmine said...

I guess I can't count. I have two 5s. hahaha

baj said...

LOL!!!!! yaz, please do not pack your crack on your flight here. it will be confiscated.

ALSO! i am so excited! i'm watching one of my new fave shows - cash cab - and the question was about my beloved interrobang!!! how happy am i?!?!??! INTERRO BANG BANG BANG!

yasmine said...


baji, your INTERRO BANG BANG BANG made me say "DISHOOM!" in my head, and now I can't stop.


I will never be able to not think of you when I see the beloved "?!" - everything is "interro-[something]" now!

os said...

1. learning cardiac life support (treatment for stable ventricular tachycardia - 150mg of amiodarone!)
2. laundry. lots of laundry.
3. finishing 'gilead'
4. playing tennis.
5. catching up on blurking, emailing, and returning phone calls.
6. hoping lb sees this belated happy birthday greeting.
7. enjoying the weather before being bombarded by pregnant women...

Anonymous said...

os's comment #7 is funny.

Happy belated b-day to LB!

I am
1. Sending out transfer apps.
2. Finishing up summer classes.
3. Preparing to move out of my crappy hellhole apartment.
4. Looking for work for a month in DC.
5. Looking forward to meeting all you crackheadz in DC.
6. Looking forward to your dadaji's visit.
7. Anxiously anticipating the Police reunion tour and hoping that they won't run out of tix.
8. Looking forward to visiting me lovely fiancee in GA right before school starts up again in the fall.
9. Not happy about school starting again in the fall :(


wayfarer said...

when will you be in ga? let me know...i'm only there for a week but maybe it's the same time...let me know k.

DeOwl said...

Hey Baj. Well I haven't booked my ticket yet, but alls I know is I gotta be hooked up with a place to live in Boston come August 1 or I'm toast. So, yeah, about two weeks prior, I should be a homeless bum on the East Coast, trying to make sense out of everyone's awful accents. So the 20th or theres abouts is possible, though cutting it a bit close. Hmm... Ve shal seeee.

ayan said...

Hey salaam,
SO guess what, I turned down the offer in DC. I was supposed to join on August 20th - but my father has gotten really ill in the past few months, so I have decided to figure out what I am gonna do with my degree in Jersey. Most likely start my own firm w/some friends who are graduating. Any adviiice?

Owl are you going to Haaaaavad? If you do, you have to speak in that accent, or freakin else.

DeOwl said...

Owl is goin to MIT. Cuz some nice folks there thought they could learn me science journalism with their special fellowship. So do I still gotta sound Bostonian stupid, or can I stick with my normal stupid?

ayan said...

MIT nice! mashallah se. Science journalism - what a niche market. MIT rejected me when i applied for undergrad by the way, so I hate them.

yasmine said...

owl's gonna be back in the country! YAY
what is science journalism, though?

ayan, sending you and your family many duas, buddy. hope all's well with your father's health.

baj said...

os - eager to hear the horror stories about your first stint with pregnant women! wait, or is this your second?

naj - hope the transfer goes smoothly! and awww, how shweet about seeing yr fiancee soon. tell her she's on my list since she never writes anymore. also, looks like they might be coming up in august? you gonna be around?

wy - what a pity it didn't work out, but i'A, we'll do an east coast thing! :) i'm sure LD has a few tricks to teach ZP.

owl - congrats on the fancy pants learnin' yr gonna be getting! oh man, if you are in boston, you have to eat at wagamama's! seriously. for me. *dies*

ay - aw, man! sorry to hear about your father and pray that he gets well soon. also sorry to hear that you are keeping up your person non grata persona and not coming to dc! phooey! as for advice - hire a good secretary/billing agent! that's the worst part of having your own firm - collecting money from the clients!

yz - you got yr tix yet or what?! (interroschedule!)

DeOwl said...

So Baj, when we on for? I wrote you at kukamangaboots. You got it?

Yaz, as Ayan guessed, science journalism is about as niche as you can get with journalism specializations. It's about breaking down science issues for media coverage - how to turn what Dexter does into valid news for Homer Simpson. You gotta understand all the jargon, know how to process data, and do your own science-based investigative journalism.

In short - science journalism is SERIOUS nerd-dom.

*dons glasses*