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Thanks to Baraka, I just found out about National Delurking Week! So get to it, blurkers! Celebrate the season by taking two seconds to drop me a line, say 'ahoy,' or compose an ode to me blog. I'll even give you Monday off as a holiday.

And to sweeten the pot, I'll add that this may be one of the last chances for you to shout out and comment on my blog. I've had a good four year run with marriages, babies, houses, jobs, newunions, and a litany of other life-changing events, but it's time to take a break. So bloggers and blurkers alike, bid your adieus! After Baby X is born (gotta announce that!), my hiatus and/or permanent vacation will begin.


Regulator Foot

Thirty weeks down, ten more to go. The good news is that:

  • I now work from home which means no more two-hour-round-trip commute to work every day, bagged or purchased lunches, or having to shower at 5:30 a.m. I do miss the coffee/cocoa breaks with my buddies but the ability to do laundry, make lunch, and work in a nap now and then during work hours totally compensates.
  • ZP is starting to come around both in eating (he actually managed to enjoy an entire slice of homemade pizza last night) and sleeping (we are starting to train him to sleep in his crib rather than on our heads).
  • Other than the sleeplessness, aches, and pains, the pregnancy is going really well and everyone is healthy.

The bad news is that:

  • It's freezing cold these days which makes me long for summer which is so far away that I would need to twist the space-time continuum to get close to it. *note, I have conveniently forgotten about those monstrous mosquitoes*
  • TP is going away to Pittsburgh at the end of the month (too bad it's not Philly) leaving me alone with heavier, faster, more-headstrong ZP for three days. *note, plans are in motion to recruit LB and/or Cybermom to help me*
  • The sleeplessness, aches, and pains. Even though TP is taking care of ZP at night so I can get a solid night's sleep, I can't do it. My arms or legs or all go numb, my ligaments hurt, and my back aches. When I turn from one side to the other (I tend to sleep like a lamb . . . spinning on a roasting spit), I have to sit up, clench my teeth to keep from groaning, and turn over. I get hot. I get cold. It reminds me of this song by Sarah Azzara called "Regulator Foot." I saw her in concert (back in the days when I regularly attended concerts) and she explained that the title comes from this observation she had when sleeping - you get hot, you get cold, so you stick one foot out of the blanket or sleeping bag or whatever. That foot is called your "regulator foot" because it helps you regulate your body temp so you can sleep comfortably. I think I need to send my regulator foot into the shop for a tune up.

Regulator Foot