cue the theme music from 'Jaws'

Thanks to Baraka, I just found out about National Delurking Week! So get to it, blurkers! Celebrate the season by taking two seconds to drop me a line, say 'ahoy,' or compose an ode to me blog. I'll even give you Monday off as a holiday.

And to sweeten the pot, I'll add that this may be one of the last chances for you to shout out and comment on my blog. I've had a good four year run with marriages, babies, houses, jobs, newunions, and a litany of other life-changing events, but it's time to take a break. So bloggers and blurkers alike, bid your adieus! After Baby X is born (gotta announce that!), my hiatus and/or permanent vacation will begin.


DeOwl said...

Hey Bajioso. I aint a blurker, I'm just a fan :)

Would hate to see you leave Blogistan, but I feel ye. Life happens.

wayfarer said...

aw, i don't want you to leave but understand. I've felt the same many times. Do anounce baby x!

i hope we can stay in touch through email.

Ayesha said...

..and just when i thought I was going to know you more and may be have frAANdship.aw!

Like everyone one is saying, i do understand. Once babyX comes out and gets a routine, you can start blogging on a monthly basis or even bi-annually :P

all the best and duas for days ahead. :)

Ol' Baby said...

i don't know what these people are talking about. i don't understand!!! we'll need pics and youtubes of baby x. :(

Osman said...

confessed blurker here. i can't believe you're nearing 33 weeks; i've totally lost track of things. just wanted to say hello. all the best...

Anjum (barsaat) said...

i can't say i don't blame you.. couldn't imagine where i'd find time to blog with two kids and a job!! but we would miss you SOOOOOOOO much baji. i mean, you're our baji!!

PS i am not a blurker.

baj said...

owl - indeed life does happen, sometimes faster than you anticipated!

wy - aye, please do keep in touch via email and i'll be visiting your blog and others, i just won't be updating mine. if i get the urge, i'll just leave lengthy diatribes in other comment boxes! ;)

ays - you mean we don't already have a fraandsheep?! waaah!

ob - dude, new youtube vid up for your viewing pleasure!

oz - yep, 7 more weeks - maybe less! apparently, either this is a big baby or they miscalculated and the due date is earlier than expected! stay tuned!

anj - i'm still your baji!!! now go make me some chai.

Lil Baji said...

hi. i just talked to you, but see you this weekend.

Lil Baji said...

oh yeah and I guess I will miss your blog too, but not SO much, since I talk to you every day, if not thrice a day.

baj said...

thrrrrice, said in nanaji's trrrrrilling, brrrritish accent, right?

"not once, not twice, but THHHRRRRRICE!"

Traveller said...

ahoy there!

I must confess I've been a blurker on & off for a while. didn't really comment cuz I never really knew what to say; I quietly walk through life enjoying the simple pleasures :P

hoping you're well and I pray baby X brings you guys as much joy as baby Z gives :)


yasmine said...

i'm with ol' baby, i don't know what everyone is on about, either. i refuse to be UNDERSTANDING. you must blog! Do write for CHILDREN!

bwahahaha i've been wanting to bust out with that everytime i see your tagboard.

but you're still my baji, so there'll be other hangingout sessions and rocking good times - with twooooo adorablicious babies now! ahhhh i'm too much the excited, yaar.

plus, if you're my baji, that means you're family, and you can never escape family. NEVER. and you may take that as a threat.

Ayesha said...

just checkin' baji:)
obviously we are friends but someone in the corner of my head was depressing me by shouting," she is very busy, why would she want another crackhead friend."

i killed that bastid.
(yasmine, i am stealing that B word from you)

PS: have you done your maternity photosession like other true american moms on flickr?;) hehe

and you have to see this, so much awww inducing.

yasmine said...

haha it's okay, ayesha - actually, i totally stole BASTID and BASTAGES off baji!

Gojira said...

haha, yasmine, it's about time someone gave a nod to Mr. Do write for CHILDREN and i'm glad you were the one to do it.

baj said...

tvl - thx for the du'as and thx for stopping by and piping up! :)

yz & goj - i WILL write for CHILDREN! mark my words!

yz & aysh - actually, yz may have stolen 'bastages' from me, but i believe 'bastids' is pure yazzo. also, that pix was supercute. i'll be sure to post a 'best of' of zp before i leave. :)