Regulator Foot

Thirty weeks down, ten more to go. The good news is that:

  • I now work from home which means no more two-hour-round-trip commute to work every day, bagged or purchased lunches, or having to shower at 5:30 a.m. I do miss the coffee/cocoa breaks with my buddies but the ability to do laundry, make lunch, and work in a nap now and then during work hours totally compensates.
  • ZP is starting to come around both in eating (he actually managed to enjoy an entire slice of homemade pizza last night) and sleeping (we are starting to train him to sleep in his crib rather than on our heads).
  • Other than the sleeplessness, aches, and pains, the pregnancy is going really well and everyone is healthy.

The bad news is that:

  • It's freezing cold these days which makes me long for summer which is so far away that I would need to twist the space-time continuum to get close to it. *note, I have conveniently forgotten about those monstrous mosquitoes*
  • TP is going away to Pittsburgh at the end of the month (too bad it's not Philly) leaving me alone with heavier, faster, more-headstrong ZP for three days. *note, plans are in motion to recruit LB and/or Cybermom to help me*
  • The sleeplessness, aches, and pains. Even though TP is taking care of ZP at night so I can get a solid night's sleep, I can't do it. My arms or legs or all go numb, my ligaments hurt, and my back aches. When I turn from one side to the other (I tend to sleep like a lamb . . . spinning on a roasting spit), I have to sit up, clench my teeth to keep from groaning, and turn over. I get hot. I get cold. It reminds me of this song by Sarah Azzara called "Regulator Foot." I saw her in concert (back in the days when I regularly attended concerts) and she explained that the title comes from this observation she had when sleeping - you get hot, you get cold, so you stick one foot out of the blanket or sleeping bag or whatever. That foot is called your "regulator foot" because it helps you regulate your body temp so you can sleep comfortably. I think I need to send my regulator foot into the shop for a tune up.

Regulator Foot


wayfarer said...

lol @ regulator foot! I so do that and didn't realize it was a normal thing. Thought i was a freak. I have to wear socks to bed and that's my only way to cool off. Sometimes i'll even take that sides sock off lol.

Glad everyone is healthy and glad you get to work at home. Is that a permanant thing with no 2 coming?

DeOwl said...

I do the same thing. Cept I've always called it my thermometer. Lol.

How are you doing, btw? Has that gestational diabetes thing cleared up?

karrvakarela said...

I'm working in the NICU these days and am constantly amazed at the kind of effort women go through to take care of babies. Just watching a C-section, waiting for a baby to be delivered, makes you humble. What the previous nine months are like I can't imagine.

Anyways, good luck to you in these last few weeks. If you need a babysitter sometime end february or march, I'd be glad to apply for the job. I don't eat much, can change diapers and know how to do CPR.

upyernoz said...

t's freezing cold these days...

sigh. is it time for our annual weather-argument? do we really have to go through how utterly lame the winters have been these last few years? should i point out that it's not "freezing" if the temperature doesn't go below 32F/0C?

i want snow so bad, but already the winter has been way to warm to even get my hopes up. considering that i never got a single snow day last winter, i feel like i'm owed at a foot.

Abez said...

Aw, hope you get some sleep soon Bajitude- try sleeping in a recliner? I'm sure you remember the whole -sleep on left side w/pillows under stomach and between knees- routine from when you were pregnant w/ZP, so I'm assuming it just isn't working this time?

Man, I am jealous- TP takes the night shift? We've done that a few times, but after the trauma we put Khalid through for the ten days of crying it out, he's all barnacle all the time, so no one but me will do, otherwise he goes into something between a panic attack and a tantrum. sheesh

baj said...

wy - lol, either i have enough energy to take off both socks or i leave them both on but not half and half! that takes too much thinking. and yep, the w@h is permanent now! yay!

owl - thank goodness, the gestational diabetes thing was a false alarm and i celebrated appropriates by eating half a box of chocolate truffles.

kk - nicu must be pretty intense b/c you can't get much more fragile than infants or premies who need severe care. :( a friend of mine once had to have a c-section without any anesthesia - i think of her when i complain about my back aches and shut up. :) i'd certainly take you up on your offer but i'd never subject you to the bitter cold of DC in feb/mar! thx anyway!

up - yep, it's that time of year again. i will have to direct your attention to the fact that we've already had a few 20F days (well below your puny 32F requirement) AND a snow day to boot. yazzo can attest to this fact. perhaps you should move here to get your snow fix.

abz - the recliner is nice but as i tend to sleep in a spin cycle, it wouldn't work out. same thing with the pillow routine - once i get set up with the pillows lodged just right, i have to flip over. and aye, i'm VERY lucky to have tp take over the night shift. poor barnacly khalid - when he is a surly teenager, you can yank out these years and hold them over his head. :)

oshariff said...

Wow, I can't believe how far along you are, crazy! I know you are already down with Thievery Corporation but check out some stuff from another DC guy named Wale. He's becoming very mainstream now but I heard of him back when he was doing tracks with a guy named Rhymefest (from Indianapolis). Now he is big time, hooked up with Mark Ronson.

Ayesha said...

lol@regulator foot - my sister has the issue issue but she says that her foot needs to "breathe". I have no idea what that means.

how is working from home coming along? Hope you are enjoying working from home ,not bundling up for work and commute.

Baraka said...

The foot thing is SO TRUE!

I can't sleep till my feet are warm and if they get too hot I have to stick one out.

Hoping you can get some sleep - I know it's hard in the last trimester!