Feelin' Hot Hot Hot

It's going to hit about 100 degrees today. I feel like Elphaba right after Dorothy threw the bucket of water on her: "I'm melting! I'm melting! What a world . . . what a world."

Also, Georgia was tremendously fun with a birthday party for the Admiral, quality time spent with the fam, and a tear-free introduction of ZP to the swimming pool complete with toys, splashing of toes, and yazz flute.

Also, can't wait for the upcoming newunion! Maybe I can convince Yasmine to teach ZP the ways of the daggerchappals, Anju to donate some of her frequent flyer miles to me, Najm to bring me cannolis, Taha to show up finally, jeez, and Hijabman to install a jet engine into my brand new iMac.


HijabMan said...

oooh! i have a new iMac too! High Five

chai said...

i miss you guys

ayan said...

I didnt know one of t he little rascals was in the wizard of oz. Speaking of which, has anyone ever seen "The Wiz"???

Anonymous said...

So I guess I know what to bring to the party. And yeah, I saw The Wiz.


baj said...

hjb - high five back! now if only i could hire some intern to come and upload all of my cds onto itunes. also, we will be in philly tomorrow! hee!

ch - we miss you more! you need to start yr blog up again.

ay - it's not, it's his mom. also, no.

nj - well, i guess since it could be a combo-belated b-day barty for you and tp, you don't have to bring anything. :)