Newunion 007

DeGrouchyOwl: 7071.7 miles. Love your cynicism, your wit, and your ability to down a sour-cherry pie with a planet-sized scoop of vanilla ice cream in nearly two bites.

Yasmine: 2434.1 miles. Love your obsession with books, your gleeful energy, and if there was ever an eyebrow throwdown between yours and Hijabmans, your eyebrows would totally crush his and laugh while his eyebrows wept.

TwoScoops: 2276.4 miles. Love your goofiness, your insane stories of attempting to drown others, and your limitless ability to laugh at yourself and others.

Anju: 198.3 miles. Love your sweetness with ZP, your uncomplaining nature with respect to pull-out couches in the middle of room, and your skillful ability to herd Yasmine through Eastern Market.

Hijabman: 121.5 miles. Love your chill attitude, your rockstar status of being recognized several times a day, and your unyielding conviction that it's perfectly cromulent to sing Celine Dion outloud in front of others.

Najm: 14.1 miles. Love your random observations, your voice during prayers, and your willingness to let ZP attempt to tear your beard out.

It was such a fantastic visit and I still can't believe we pulled it off. We missed Chai and HBiddy and Izbot and Shaheen and Abez, but thought of them often. Thanks for the good times, gang. And for the rockin' thank you card - seriously, I was touched. Door's open for ye anytime. Come back soon!

xoxo, Baji


lil baji said...

hey, don't forget lil baji and gunnar! 6.8 miles away and you love the fighting with lil b and the "un-ca-ka" and "roars!!" from gunnar (for zp). and lots of other stuff. : )

so good to see all you guys! and meet some of you!

DeOwl said...

Pie, it's what's for dinner.

We gotta enter this meet up, and its cumulative mileage, into some Blogistan World Record somewhere. It's the electronic equivalent of cramming as many people into a single car. I'm sure we're up for an award, and not just for excessive book purchasing and nap dodging.

And once again Baji... *cues the music* thanksssss for the memories...

yasmine said...

lil baji,
the 'STUFF' was the best part! haha
also, the 'HUNGER!!!' (that text is still saved on my phone, because it makes me laugh so much.) thank you for couch-crashing and naptime sessions, lil baji!

big baji,
i could still think of things to say 'thank you' for, you know. but then you might think i'm overdoing it. by the time i got to National, i already missed everyone. and i still miss you all! Newunion007 was definitely a success. missed Ayan, too, though! flakey-flake :(


Baji: 0 miles (Center of the All-Star Crackstar Universe). Love your guitars, your guest rooms, your CD collection that I forgot to import, your book collection I didn't have enough luggage space to steal, your rockstar t-shirt collection, your navigational skills ("follow that cab!"), and that fact that you let me swipe some of your french fries at The Diner.

Too much LOWVE, seriously.

HijabMan said...

Thats because MY eyebrows are NICE and PLAY WELL WITH OTHERS. While Yasmine's are Tyrannical, crushers of others eyebrows.

:-) And if I may pull an Alberto Gonzales...

I don't recall anything said about eyebrows ;) j/k

2Scoops said...

Bloggers, Baji, house, husband, and baby - every bit as crackstarry as I imagined - 2 big SuperScoops of Louwe!

Anjum (barsaat) said...

=) i had suuuuuuuch a good time with you and the baji family and the blogger rockstars. thank you for letting us crazies into your home. :) i LOWE you!

Ayesha said...

I am SOO jealous.

Abez said...


baj said...

lb - aye, but i considered you part of the welcoming committee, not the guests!

dgo - isn't there some crescent award thingamabob? maybe we can enter our achievement in there?

yz - i know, so much to do and say and eat and so little time! i meant to snatch some of your tunes offa yr compy but fergot! do'h!

hjb - nice selective memory, dude. but i think we have several witnesses who say otherwise. plus, your flagrant abuse of the law knocks down the veracity of your statements. brown power. tsk tsk.

2s - ditto dude!!! i hope you didn't try to drown anyone on your whitewater rafting trip last weekend! also, we had many scoops of louwe in the freezer but nobody et it!

anj - it was so wonderful having you guys here and i lowe you too!!!

ays - then come join us next time! :)

abz - yaz and anju have most of the pix, but i'll try to send some along too. wait 'til ye see the ones of owlie smiling. *faint*

Anonymous said...

Baji - aye, methinks un-eaten scoops is a problem easily remedied... sometime next week?

sophister said...

sorry i missed the renunion! next next next time inshallah!

baj said...

anon - um, who are you?

soph - aye, next time! and how would we contact you?

fathima said...

i wanna hear the story of the eyebrows!
not to boast or anything, but i have at least one fairly agile eyebrow...

Bushra said...

aww baj.. sounds like fun. im jealous! i miss blogistan :)

baj said...

ft - me too! but yaz will have to regale you with the tale of the battle of the brows since i was half-distracted with feeding the troops at the time. suffice it to say, hijabman's gentle hints of brows didn't stand a chance against yasmine's fierce, power-hungry ones.

bn - 'twas fun and way too short. i highly suggest everyone start her own newunions in her respective locations. pestering people to come and visit works wonders. :D