Dog Days of Summer

With outside temps threatening to reach a 110 degree heat index, I think I will spend most of my day inside the air-conditioned confines of my office. That said, I don't feel like working right now. I need to catch up on e-mails, phone calls, and the like, but I'll start with me blog since it has been sorely neglected.


So, yeah, the newunion was fantastic. I can't report on the NY-NJ-PA leg since I wasn't there, but the DC portion was chock full o' laughs, ice cream, used books, photos, and late nights. Those who were up early got to walk to the neighborhood bagelry and hit up Safeway for breakfast fixin's (including, but not limited to, New York Super Fudge Chunk pints of ice cream that were inexcusably overlooked). Those who were up late got to enter into Scrabbie competitions and gup shup sessions that, on at least one occassion, featured a surprise guest appearance by 2 Scoops himself.

Oh, sure, the DC Fringe Festival was going on. Yeah, the national museums, zoo, and botanical gardens were within easy reach. But what did we do instead? Hit the Diner right around the corner and gorge. Lounge around Dupont Circle with used books. Send the girls off to walk to Georgetown and the waterfront while the boys and I and LB headed back to nap and/or read HP. At least on the drive to Eastern Market I got to point out the landmarks and monuments so that they felt that they were in the nation's capital instead of just any old city. Still, for a tiny weekend, we managed to pack in a lot of stuff: eating, walking, and bonding. Good times.

Meanwhile, in our daily lives, not much has changed. I'm still trudging to work and looking forward to the day when my commute will be 45 seconds instead of 45 minutes each way. TP has been keeping busy with work and a surprising influx of requests for interviews. ZP has graduated from toddling to walking to running. We had a visit from the folks and the Admiral last weekend. We'll be heading out to NC for a visit with TP's folks in a few weeks. And before you know it, we'll be breaking in ZP brand-new, fancy-pants, biodata-privacy-invading, high-tech passport on our way to Pakistan.

UPDATE: Ever wonder how to perform the elegant "Berries and Cream" dance? Wonder no more.


ayan said...

i never understood that berries and cream commercial. It is always disturbing on so many levels. Sounds like you guys had fun! next next next time inshallah.
Whats up with those crazy new passports anyway!! Talk about erosion of privacy rights. jeez.

Anjum (barsaat) said...

sigh. it was pretty fantastic. there should be more scrabble, milkshakes, ZP, and lounging in daily life.

baj said...

ayan - try the dance and then maybe you'll understand. and aye, i'll beliewe it when i see it. and yeah, not cool about the passports but no choice! i was surprised we got them in less than 6 months.

anj - i'A, we'll have another meetup soon!

DeOwl said...

He's running?! Danger Will Robinson, danger!

And I so need a planet sized scoop of ice cream right now. And pie. Come down to Boston and we'll find some!

baj said...

owl - aye, rather clompily, but still fast enough that a long stride is not enough to catch up. and you know i'd love to! add a trip to wagamama's and i'm there.

crayon said...

hey baj!, hows it goin? im having a day of blog reading and its wonderful... that berries and cream dance was a tad disturbing though