Random Bits
  • My new favorite show that I've never seen a full episode of but have seen various clips: Flight of the Conchords
  • Going to visit my in-laws next week - about time I got a hair cut
  • Excited about Heroes Season Two starting up again
  • Crostini and Labne - *contented sigh*
  • Anthony Bourdain's non-fiction is decidedly better-written and more enjoyable than his fiction
  • Going to see Sensai Abez avec HF Rat e Bebe Rat soon! Woot!
  • If the Metro keeps catching on fire, I may have to demand to work from home sooner than I'm allowed.
  • Treated myself to some Fresh Pink Jasmine Soap - smell me now, sukkahs!
  • Getting anxious about our trip to Pakistan with ZP - any suggestions on food/sleep/play?
  • Werner Hertzog is freaky
  • Why, oh, why do the fattest people insist on sitting next to, if not directly on, me in the metro?


upyernoz said...

you can watch entire episodes (okay, sometimes divided into three 10 minute parts) on youtube.

the clips can be misleading. i love the show, but it's quality is kind of uneven. they're all (at least the first 7 that i've seen) worth seeing but episodes one and three are really good.

yasmine said...

bajiiiiiiiii, i'm baaaaaack!

and your last bullet point made me laugh so much - out loud, and at work, no less!

PS: i always want to say HERO in a fobby desi accent. :D

PPS: i lowved those lotions/soaps you had in your guest bathroom. YUMMY!

PPPS: did i mention i'm BACK?! (interro-rockstarreturn!)

2Scoops said...

Rule # 45.1 Fat people are required to sit next to, or on top of, other people while using public transportation.

Amendment to Rule 45.1: The rule shall be given special emphasis in cases where a) The size disparity between the sitter and the sittee is especially large; b) On days that are considered to be swelteringly hot; and c) If the sitter has incredibly stinky body odor emanating from his/her body

I hope this answers your question InshaAllah.

- WMATA Metro Supervisor 2Scoops

ayan said...

The reason fat people sit next to you is maybe you are really skinny? Usually, if a fat person would sit next to an average weight person, there would be imbalance. It has to go like this: (F denoting Fat, A, denoting Average, and S denoting Slim, and C - Corner):


An unbalanced scheme would be such:


Now as to your sitting on you contention: Only part of their fat is merely on you, they directly, are not sitting on you, although it may seem so, because their fat that is on you, is the size of you.

baj said...

up - yeah, i guess i've only been watching the cream of the crop, i.e. the songs/videos. apparently, they are coming out with an album soon.

yaz - about time! i was going to count you as AWOL and send my army of monkey robot pirates out to capture you and bring you back!

2s - i don't recall seeing any notice for a opposition or comment period! i object! i love metro and all but this week has been hideous.

ay - i used to be really skinny but (a) not so much anymore and (b) i try to make myself look as fat as i can but they still come! even when there are entire empty rows available. many has been the time i've actually gotten up from my seat and sat somewhere else. re: your code - if those were chords, it might make a nice little ditty. the 'fatty sit somewhere else ditty.'

2Scoops said...

Actually most things are 117.5% my fault (such as "fatty don't sit on me" syndrome) but I only applied the reduced 110% of comparative negligence fault since it is theoretically possible for Yazzo to call ME.

baj said...

2s - that's very generous of you. is that the friend's discount you offer and applied there?

upyernoz said...

yeah, i guess i've only been watching the cream of the crop, i.e. the songs/videos

no, the non-musical parts are great too. watch the first episode on youtube if you get the chance. it's well worth it even if you know all the songs.

the problem is that, at least for this first season, is that they recorded the songs first, then wrote episodes around them. some of the plots are a little strained as they try to work in all the songs. but when it works it really is great. and i'm hoping the second season will include new songs written for the episode, rather than the other way around.

upyernoz said...
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julestress said...

The humans are dead (he's right they are dead)
The humans are dead (look at that one, it's dead)
We took poisonous gasses (i've just confirmed that they're dead)
And we poisoned their asses (affirmative, i poked one it was dead)

Binary solo...

baj said...

jules! where ya been!?

julestress said...

i'm here...sorry things at work were busy... a bit calmer right now.

by the way, one of the guys in Flight of the Conchords is Figwit.


wayfarer said...

so funny...the only time i get my hair cut is when i visit my inlaws too!