name that tune . . . er . . . baby

We're down to the wire now, folks. Speaking of "The Wire," why is there such a long wait for Season One of the show on Netflix?! And what about Season Three of Battlestar Gallactica due in March?! (interro-gotta-watch-all-I-can-before-baby-x-arrives!). But I digress. We're looking at lift-off in t-minus 24 days or so. We've got a girl's first name and a backup boy's first name, but leaving TP in charge of the middle name (if any) has resulted in an exercise in ridiculousness and futility. Aziza Baziza does not have "a nice ring to it." Nor does Aziza Norbu J. Kittycat. I was thinking that with an exotic first name, we'd give her a neutral easy-to-pronounce middle name that she can choose to go by when the dreaded teenage years hit and/or please the in-laws. On the other hand, once I learned that being different kinda rules, I quite enjoyed having a difficult name. Thus far, the following has been under discussion:

  • Farah (voted by OS but some close friends just snatched that, so that's out).
  • Delisha (only put in the running to see if anyone was paying attention but it actually is a muslim name meaning "happy and make others happy")
  • Maria (vetoed by Literaunty b/c she had a good point that two names ending in 'a' might be a bit odd)
  • Sara(h) (voted by TP in a rare moment of seriousness but see above)
  • Maryam (voted by maryam, surprise surprise)
  • Noor (personal favorite but we know too many noors already and doesn't solve the neutral issue)
  • Yasmine/Yasmeen (again, lovely name but so many friends and family have already laid claim to that moniker)
  • Rani (but more of a term of endearment apparently)

So what say ye? Any suggestions or advice? Who knows, you may win a chance to lay claim to naming our child!


Anjum (barsaat) said...

aziza baziza!! definitely that. ;)

hmm. i vote for Aziza Sara.

literaunty said...

How about Khanum. I like the sound of it with Aziza, and it is also a certain Apa's middle name too.I vote for it 100%.

Anonymous said...

namess!! MusToreh :D its farsi or turkish or something different...i think its something to do with 'mustoraat'?

Gojira said...

I say give her Lil Baji's name as a middle name. I like the way the two names sound together.

Otherwise, since you've so cruelly rejected Aziza Baziza, then how about Genevieve? Random, I know, but it's a pretty name. Or Shireen.

Ayesha said...

If i was phoebe I'd certainly go with Princess Consuela Bananahammock. But as I am not and i prefer easy meaning ful names, i will suggest some not-so-interesting easy middle names

1) Haania - of Arabic and Hebrew origin- Meaning: a place to rest or to be happy

2) Maheen or Sameen- Both Persian - Meaning uknown

3) Aziza Haleh sounds nice too.

And to find exotic names,look into pathan names, They'll never disappoint you
Palvasha and Zarmeena are my favourite.

upyernoz said...

i'm not giving you anything. i like arab names and i'm saving all the best one for a little chinese girl.

Chai said...

wow, i leave for a minute, and life has changed! congrats on the next one. how exciting!

i'm in bar exam mode (again), so creativity is at an all time low in terms of coming up with names. yeah, my MIL calls me rani..and i think it means princess/queen.

i love noor.

baj said...

anj - tp will be very happy to hear that.

lit - i can't believe i never knew that! she just told me the story behind the exodus of middle names in high school. or, in the case of hanif bhatti, the addition! LOL!

anon - interesting but complicated name!

gj - man, now that you've thrown that suggestion into the mix, LB is rallying hard for it. but we already have that name in the family! and i know a girl named shireen and don't fancy her much. then again, i know a sarah and don't fancy her much either. maybe a nice, traditional icelandic name.

ay - ooh, zarmeena! but then that would be too many "z" floating around. haania is nice too but then we run into the 'a' ending issue again. but thx for the suggestions!

up - COME ON! don't you want our kids to have matching names? and has mrs. noz approved of these? SPILL IT!

ch - haha, if by 'a minute' you mean 'a year' then yeah. blech to bar exams! but best o luck to ye! i agree, noor is so nice and easy. may have to promote that one again.

Anonymous said...


How about Iman or Amani or Faith?

Anonymous said...

I like Rani or Shirin. Good luck!

musicalchef said...

2nd anonymous was supposed to be me but it didn't go through right.


Zulfiquar and Qamar said...

Mamaji simply called her Khanum,if memory serves me well.

Traveller said...

I like the following:
Zakira, Ayla, Haneefah, Haadiyah.

the nice ones i can think of without ending in 'a' are:

maryam and malalai (afghan).

Julestress said...

My friend Aneela suggests Suraiya (which happens to be her daughter's name).

Ayesha said...


unique names not ending with 'a'
baji, you are making it hard. Actually Khanum IS very interesting name, though my hubby thinks that giving baby a difficult name makes his/her childhood/teens more difficult. How did you deal with all this?

how about Rubab?
I am trying to think all the names i read in uber corny suspense magazines during my tweens. The stories were pathetic but writers did use some pretty names for characters.

you do not have to pick the name which i suggest, i just love this whole name picking procedure :)

asad said...

how about amber?

baj said...

nj - hmm, iman. i like it - short, sweet, easy to pronounce, doesn't end in 'a'. hmm.

mc - thx! but shirin would remind me too much of the seyals.

lit - i still can't believe we didn't know about this. when did mamaji call her by her current name? i guess dadiji had alternate names too. maybe we should just let her choose her own middle name when she gets older. of course, she might do what my friend lina did when, in an attempt to fit in with her swiss boarding school friends, she stood up during the first day of roll call and announced that her name was lina banana.

tr - all lovely! but that 'a' ending rule is quite a tripping point.

jl - nice, but again, the 'a' - also, we have one of those in our circle already.

aysh - i know, we are so difficult! yr hubby may be right but this baby is going to be different enough already, what's one more thing that will set her apart going to matter at this point. with her exotic first name, mixy-mix background, and doubtless quirkiness (if she takes after either of us to any degree), a difficult middle name is probably the last of her worries. i think i just dealt with it the same way i dealt with being the only kid not eating lunch during ramadan or the only kid wearing sweatpants at gym or the only kid not going to the dance - i just shrugged and accepted it. as for rubab - way too close to 'rhubarb' but i bet tp would love it.

as - ah, we have one of those in the family and the double 'a' - aziza amber - might be a bit much. but that is a sold choice.

Abez said...

You know Bajitude, from what I remember from my English-teaching days of yore, Khanum simply means 'Madame' or 'Miss,' in Persian. How do I know? Because that's what my Irani students called me by default- Khanum.

Also, we're having the same name probs. I've narrowed my choices down to my top three (and have a contingency name in my head in case the ultrasounds were wrong) but HF is ambivalent about it all- he has no strong like or dislike for any of the names, (Although, he did strongly favor your Aziza Norbu J Kittycat :) so last night I told him I had picked one and that was it. His response was "Let's see who's awake when it comes to fill out the birth certificate."


Ayesha said...

look at her courage,
she blogs with almost 4 kids.

baj said...

abz - you are correct, sir! according to cybermom, my great-grandfather was a principal at the local school in hong kong and was a great fan of the persian language. he thought it should be taught as a compulsory language class. anyway, he named all the kids and hence khanum for me ma. so, khanum, what are your top three choices?

ay - *faints*

wayfarer said...

Maliha is a name i've always liked. Sounds purdy. :-) Hey girly i need your addy where to send your pay it forward package. Finallllllly! :-)

Anjum (barsaat) said...

i like one of the names that najm suggested.. Aziza Amani.. it looks complicated when writing but for the same reason, it flows really well when spoken. Amani is also easily said by Amreekans.. you have to consider that!! You have to think about how Americans will butcher the pronunciation of it, and how kids will make fun of it.

baj said...

wy - yay! which reminds me, i need to get ayesha's address to follow up on it too! :)

anj - aye, it is mellifluous but there are just too many a's going on there.

all - thx for all your suggestions and comments, folks! it's been fun hearing all these ideas and i appreciate the vote. stay tuned!