Lesson, the First:

Energy-draining pregnancy
Stomach-draining flu
One unhappy Baji

Here endeth the lesson.


lil baji said...

aw man i leave you alone for one weekend and you go and get sick??? sadness.

gojira and gunnar and i ate extra pizza and cupcakes and pumpkin trifle on your behalf.

Ayesha said...

aw baji!
any kind of flu is not good, be it with 'ulti or seedhi' :/
Feel better now and cheer up. 8 months are down and one to go.
hey and i saw your comment on flickr too. I am going to add you as a friend, maybe when you do not have enough time to write a long post, few pictures will be good for us.

Duas and best wishes :)

baj said...

lb - Gus Portokalos: [crying] Why you want to leeeeeeeave me? wish i coulda been there with youze guyz instead of bending over a garbage can all day. not so easy when you have a nearly full term baby in yr belly, i tell you whut.

ay - i hate ulti sooo much! thank goodness, it seems to have passed now. thx for the concern! and be forewarned re: flikr, i just signed up and pix uploading will take some time. :)

Abez said...

I feel your pain Bajitude, this weekend I had a stomach bug of some sort, not a flu thank God, but enough intestinal discomfiture to leave me a wobbly, weak, exhausted, 9-month pregnant mess w/a toddler climbing all over me- I was so utterly wiped out, I actually fell asleep with Khalid still awake and napped for forty minutes oblivious to the wet pokey fingers trying to pry my eyelids open. >>>hugs<<< When it baby 2.0 due again? Really, really soon, yes?

upyernoz said...

you're on flickr? why aren't you my flickr friend yet?!?!?!

username: upyernoz

baj said...

abz - aw man, i hope yr feeling better now and that HF stepped up with the babysitting duty! aye, 24 more days to liftoff!!!

up - whaaa? i thought we were already flikr friends? that's how i saw your niece's photos and travel pix. but if not, i'll add ye now.