A day in the life:

TP: "Hi, honey, I'm home." (not real greeting, but it will suffice for this post's purpose)
Me: "Hey, how was your day?" (not real response, but see above)
TP: "Fine, nothing new."
Me: "Really? Nothing to report?"
TP: "Nah."
Me: "Seriously? No news about work or friends or anything?"
TP: "Nope."

[time lapse of several hours puttering around the house, making dinner, eating, reading, watching Mexican gameshows]

TP: "Oh, remember Magnapop?"
(They are an Athens/Atlanta band with whom TP had a passing acquaintence in the 1990s when he was invited to garage-jam with them.)
Me: "Yeah."
TP: "Well, I got an e-mail announcing that they are on tour. They are coming to DC next week so I told them that they could stay here."
(pause. digest implications. arch eyebrow.)
Me: "Ah."

In other news, apparently my grandfather likes monkeys too. See? It runs in the family!

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