Congrats to LB on her sterling review and her raise! I'm so proud of you, Matthew! True to tradition (when you get a raise or a new job, you have to treat), she treated us to brunch this morning at Cafe L'Enfant for coffee, cheesy crepes, and cool cantaloupes. Thanks, LB!

The rest of the day was spent banging around, re-wiring junk, and generally making a big mess. Oh, and playing Literati. Also, watching Globetrekker on PBS. Ah yes, and watching Maria Full of Grace, an Oscar-nominated movie (which I kinda thought was a glorified after-school special) about Columbian women who act as drug mules and live and learn or die and don't learn. The acting and plot were realistic enough, but there were parts that I just didn't buy: the scene at customs, the scene at the sister's house, the scene at the pay-off. *shrug* But then, what do I know about running drugs in one's belly anyway? Well, a lot more than I did before tonight, I tell you whut.

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