Pandi's 'Pinions

Motorcycle Diaries - Since this movie got the most blogpoll votes, I watched it with high expectations. If this were just a run-of-the-mill buddy-road-trip movie, it would have been alright enough. The fantastic panoramic shots of the South American countryside is reason enough to see it. However, knowing that the story was based on Che Guevera's actual letters and diaries bumps this movie up a notch or two.

Dodgeball - Bah. I think I'm just going to stick to Stiller/Wilson buddy pix.

The Yes Men - This documentary showcases two fearless activists' adventures in impersonating WTO members at international conferences with hilarious speeches and shocking behavior that for some reason never really elicited the shock and outrage of the participants until they appeared before some college students near the end of the film. More hands-on but less serious than Farenheit 9/11.

Monseiur Ibrahim - Teenaged Jewish boy befriends older Muslim man and several French hookers with their cliched hearts of gold. It had a good premise but could have been so much better. It had such a trite and predictable plot and ending that one (and by "one" I mean "TP") would be tempted to classify it as a Disney-like movie if not for all the hookers.

Big Fish - Much as I like Tim Burton and Ewan McGregor, this was just a string of not-so-tall-tales with no real substance or lesson.

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