It's been pretty craptastic lately what with all of the death, destruction, and turmoil. One day, my heart is (figuratively) ripped out through my throat. Another day, my leg is (literally) plunged into three feet of sewage water. The next day, I am astounded and appalled by everything I read in the news (although, that is pretty much every day). Today, I'm sick and I feel like a ball of hot "vomick." But in an attempt not to wallow in self-pity and global-misery, I am now going to list some things that cheered me up:
  • a welcome visit from upyernoz who not only came bearing delicious gifts but also regaled us with great travel stories while treating us to a lovely dinner.
  • a package of intensely chocolate brownies and sweet condolences from princess julestress.
  • a call from my parents to let me know that they finally arrived back home safely.
  • a view of the trees beginning to bloom in the neighborhood.
  • a call from a friend visiting from out of town who allowed me to rant and rave and then graciously let me abruptly end the conversation after I canceled our plans to get together.
  • a smootch from TP after he covered me with a blanket as I lay on the couch like a slug and watched the show I love to hate.
  • eating a whole bag of Sea Salt and Vinegar Kettle Chips.
  • Bruff McGruff's violent joy at seeing me approach him by scampering over to the fence, throwing himself down on the ground, and slobbering in undiluted happiness.
  • a successful first attempt at making french green lentils with goat cheese.
  • hearing Tenacious D's ballad about Wonderboy and Young Nastyman, archrival and nemesis of Wonderboy, with powers comparable to Wonderboy.

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