Things to do this month:
  • See Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks at the Black Cat
  • Go to Fort Reno for the summer concert series.
  • See Sleater Kinney, the Eels, and possibly Ted Leo at the 930 Club.
  • Celebrate LB's birthday (over the course of a week).
  • Get a haircut (it has, after all, been about several months since my last one).
  • Catch up on Smallville eps in my downtime.
  • Decide between DirecTV and Comcast Cable.
  • Sit around and/or take naps as often as possible.
  • Scrape the remaining paint off of the antique door.
  • Wish Dad a happy Father's Day.
  • Find out if TP or I won the New Yorker cartoon caption contest.
  • Plant some flowers out front and some veggies and herbs out back.
  • Get me a shotgun and kill all the skeeters I seeeeeee.
  • Make and eat lots of guacamole.
  • Read, read, read.

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