Little to no time to update so mini-shout-outs instead.
anju - congrats and good luck on the newish job.
arsh - grill me some tuna and portabella mushrooms and asparagus, stat!
ayan - dude, get a new camera and update already.
bness - are you back yet?
baq - i'm scared to see if you've updated b/c the longer the time in between posts, the denser the material.
binj - new audiopost on the horizon?
chan - see you next month!
chij - you still around?
cray - you have a June deadline or else Faiza is gonna get it.
faiz - R.E.M. has a cover song of "I Will Survive" too.
shah - in addition to going into stores and sitting on their couches and not buying anything, I also enjoy going into hotels and using their bathrooms and not staying there.
gun - november? you gotta be kidding me.
hb - where you at, grrl? bring me back a croissant, some coffee, and lots of pix.
hem - happy birthday 4 real!
chai - oz is coming on july 19th, wanna coordinate?
iz - you still around?
kk - i miss our literati games. well. i mean, i miss cajoling, threatening, browbeating you into playing literati.
kn - i can't believe i've had Catch-22 on my bookshelf for a decade and never got around to reading it; but i'll remedy that soon, bromise!
mnm - wanna meet up in old town sometime when you return?
meeks - happy birthday! now update.
moiz - good luck on yr exams.
najm - i can't beliewe i missed out on susha! waaah! wanna go to udupi today?
nj - are you going to post one of your novels on your new, girly girly blog?
owl - any plans for a granny visit/side-trip to me this summer?
pop - i was in the national cathedral gardens last night and there was a circle of red poppies that made me think of you!
ppp - happy graduation, princess!
saru - mabrook on yr new kicks.
noz - fine, if you go to syria this year, then i'm going to portugal next year.
ushi - give aunty Q a big hug from me.
vl - don't fret, when you get older, your metabolism will slow down and you'll get your poundage before you know it.
yaz - happy graduation, rockstar!

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