In spite of the international and cosmopolitan nature of this blog, I though I'd guest post a bit about my own life.

Memorial Day is celebrated differently throughout the United States, but in Indiana it is most famous for one thing: the Indianapolis 500. Though I officially live in Kentucky now, I thought it fitting to pay homage to my 18-plus years in Indiana by attending the "greatest spectacle in racing." There were quite a few notable moments of this weekend, but I'll mention only four most superlative:

Funniest moment:
Seeing a [not so fit] guy with classic rock album covers tattooed on his torso. This included, but certainly was not limited to, having 'Leonard Skynard' tattooed across his stomach. I know this because, of course, he was shirtless, shoeless, and perhaps toothless - the perpetual beer can was in the way. [Note: He was not Leonard Skynard]

Cool/corny sports moment:
The roar of the crowd of 500,000 people as Danica Patrick took the lead to become the first woman EVER to lead in the Indianapolis 500. Sadly, she was unable to maintain it. [Perhaps, like Earl, she had to 'shut 'er down?']

Most nostalgic moment:
Though I've never really been into auto racing, it was exciting in a child-like sort of way to see real cars driving the way they once did on my slot car racing track in the living room.

Most disturbing moment:
Seeing a grown man approach a group of college students only to see him pause and wait for his daughter [...12 years old, tops...] to catch up, so she could watch with pride as her father had beer poured down a funnel and into his mouth. ('That's my dad...')

So there you have it - my first Indy 500. Now if you'll excuse me, it's time for me to continue to try to get fired.

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