Wellsir, either all y'all have become blurkers or the membership drive has dipped drastically. For you three or four readers who still visit, apologies for the cliff-hangery ending of the Costa Rica travelogue, but I just ran out of steam, imagination, and wit. What with the new job and all, I have had little time and energy to dedicate to creative writing. Speaking of the new job, here are some highlights of this week:

Monday: Got photographed and phinger-printed. As the burly guard rolled my digits over the inkpad and onto the paper grid, I jokingly mentioned that I was getting the old-school treatment whereas my new co-workers were getting the high-tech version where you simply place your fingertips on a screen and the computer scans the images. The guard responded, "Yeah, that one there is digickal." DIGICKAL. Winner of the word of the week.

Tuesday: Upon learning that we might as well dress casually since we'd be in training classrooms for the next several weeks, I was quite pleased to saunter into the building sporting my cords, my t-shirt (logo-less, but still), and my bouncy kicks (sneakers that could have passed for dressy if you don't look too closely).

Wednesday: Shaved five minutes off of my 45 minute commute.

Thursday: Upon exiting the metro at a stop where (1) I don't normally get off but wanted to experiment this one time, (2) no less than four train lines met at that station making it one of the busier stops, and (3) right at the height of rush hour that particular platform was more populated than normal because another train had broken down along the tracks, I disembarked from my metro's cabin and practially ran right into my husband who happened to be (1) taking the metro at that exact same time, (2) waiting on the platform that my train was arriving on, and (3) standing directly in front of my open door.

Friday: Gave a presentation (on which I was complimented by the instructors) to half of the incoming attorneys without getting nervous, dry-mouthed, or incoherent. *pulls muscle patting self on back*

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