No, I haven't finished If On A Winter's Night A Traveler.
No, I haven't completed The Once and Future King.
No, I haven't gotten past Chapter Three of The Final Solution.
No, I haven't had a chance to dip into The Road to Makkah.
No, I haven't even reached the halfway point of America (The Book).

But when Osman and I were discussing The Kite Runner and he said, "Did you ever read the book Bel Canto? It was VERY good. If you did, I'll tell you why I'm mentioning it. If you didn't, then you stink and you'll not get the analogy," and when I saw it sitting right there in a bin amidst stalls jam-packed with fresh strawberries, antique furniture, oil paintings by a 10 year old girl of bucktoothed animals, painted bowls, hand-crafted jewelry, and flapping batik fabrics at Eastern Market today and when I heard it screeching at me to pick it up, I had to get it.

*Adds another book to the mountain.*

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