I wonder how much sand the washing machine can take before it starts to shudder and smoke. Laundry beckons and so just a few blurbs today:

1. This is what I'd look like if I were a South Park character in Costa Rica:

Find your own inner-South Parkian here. Idea gleefully stolen from Upyernoz.

2. Just saw the movie Word Wars, a documentary on the obsessive world of competitive Scrabble. If not for all the drugs, hookers, and foul language, I'd recommend this to several of you. You know who you are. Looks like the next documentary I should check out is Promises which was recently reviewed by Upyernoz and Yasmine.

3. News clip from The Onion:
Hayward, CA -- Dinesh Parekh, 9, continues to struggle to find a bicycle license plate with his name on it, the Indian-American child reported Monday. "This is the third store I've checked today," said a dejected Parekh, exiting a Toys "R" Us near his Hayward home. "Derrick, Diane, Dillon and Dylan, Dirk... no Dinesh." Parekh, who has pedaled his brand-new Schwinn to more than a dozen stores during his three-week search, said he plans to ask his mother to drive him to the KB Toys in San Leandro next weekend.

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