Bad News: Watermain break early Saturday morning means extremely limited bathroom and kitchen privileges.

Good News: Lunch at Udupi means excellent food and running water.

Bad News: Missed out on seeing Gang of Four play at the 9:30 Club on Friday night.

Good News: Finally got to see the movie Kontroll: a brilliant and innovative story of the lives of the Hungarian metro ticket inspectors. Funny, dramatic, and clever, it's filmed completely underground with a fantastic mise en scene, a collection of amusing and charming characters (and their rivals, of course) and a pulsing, throbbing soundtrack.

Bad News: Basement still is not completely repaired.

Good News: 75% of the basement walls have been painted, 90% of the floor has been carpeted, and all of the band equipment has been moved back downstairs which means I can actually see my bookcase again and can navigate between rooms without the accompanying crash of cymbals.

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