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Day Six: 05.06.05
Things seen in Manuel Antonio:

Things zipped passed on the drive back to San Jose:

  • Bony Goats
  • Bony Cattle (each with its own personal bird valet)
  • Crocodile (Crikey!)
  • People selling watermelons and strawberries on the highway
  • Turtle
  • Traffic

Things said at Hotel Brittania upon arrival in San Jose:
"Do you have a reservation?"
"No, but I was told I could just walk in on Friday and a room would be available."
"Did you get the rate?"

"Um, $80?"
"Ah. Yes. $80 plus tax." (pause)
(aware of pause) "Is there another discounted rate you'd like to tell me about?"

"Well, if you want, you can pay in cash and not pay for the tax. Flat $80."
"Ok, I'll do that."
"Do you know which room you have?"

"No, but I'd love the best one you have." (huge grin)
"Ok, I can give you the king-sized bed with A/C which is normally $120."

"That's great! I'll be sure to tell everyone how awesome Hotel Britannia is."
"Yes, please do! Ha ha."

Things seen and/or smelled on evening walk through San Jose neighborhoods:

  • Cigarette Smokey Luxury Room of Hotel Britannia
  • Creepy, Shaking Drug Addict Teen picking the paint off of a corner of a dark alley
  • Puddles of Urine on the Sidewalk
  • Black Skies threatening storms but not delivering
  • Piles of Garbage in the Gutter (if the storm had come, the piles would be converted into rivers flowing through the streets)

Things enjoyed on our last night in Costa Rica:

  • Low-season rates, room availability, and dearth of guests at the hotel
  • Asian Cuisine at Tin Jo (oh, ginger and garlic, we missed you!)
  • Finding out breakfast was included in the rate
  • Saying goodbye to my tough Tevas and TP's too-tight tennis shoes (which we gave to a homeless man the next morning)

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