We are Family, I Got All My Sisters With Me

Think we are related?  We may be!  This is a summary of the break down of "Important Dates" compiled by my grandfather.  The actual list is quite long and includes things like "attended 10 days Poultry Farming course in Poultry Development Centre, Rawalpindi" and "underwent piles operation in Hong Kong."  So, um, just the highlights, yeah?

  • 1800 Hamlet set up by Mohammed, Gujjar "Ladi" of Ludhiana and Nek Mohammed, Gujjar of Kharian - "Ladi" + (Khar) "ian" = "Ladian" at 32 deg. 49 min North Latitude, 74 deg. 05 min. East Latitude.
  • 18?? Ladian looted and destroyed during declining years of the Mughals
  • 1822 Ladian rebuilt and rehabilitated during Sikh rule
  • 1823 Ladian and surrounding land gifted by Punjab-Kashmir Maharaha Ranjit Singh to Hindu Faqir Anand Devadasi
  • 1844 Kashmiri families in Village Dev Draggar, District Baramula near Sri Nagar, Kashmir, migrated to District Gujrat and settled in Villages Ladian, Bhurchch Basoha, Sidh, Kharana, Uda.  Abdul Shakoor, (son of Mohammed Jaffar Bhatti of Dev Draggar), came with his sons Abdul Salaam and Lassa, to Ladian
  • 1857 First War of Independence ("Indian Mutiny")
  • 18?? Second War of Independence ("British-Sikh War) at Chelianwala, Gujrat
  • 1889 Babuji, son of Nur Din, born in Ladian, Tehsil Kharian, District Gujrat
  • 1897 Mamaji, daughter of Ham Din, born in Bhurchch Basoha, Tehsil Kharian, District Gujrat
  • 1908 Babuji and Mamaji married in Ladian
  • 1911 Babuji joined Royal Naval Yard Police in Hong Kong
  • 1916 Sir Ellis Kadoorie School for Indians established in Soo Kan Po Valley, Hong Kong
  • 1918 Nazir Ahmed born and lived at 13-A Shaukiwan Road, Hong Kong
  • 1920 Mohammed Shariff born
  • 1920 Nazir Begum born and lived at No. 1, Praya East, Wanchai, Hong Kong
  • 1922 Aziza born
  • 1923 Aziz born 
  • 1924 Sardar born; Fazal Karim born
  • 1925 89 marlas of land (1 1/8 acres of land) bearing Khasra No. 335, originally property of Allah Ditta Gujjar (alias "Tala Bala") transferred in Tehsil Kharian Revenue Records to Nur Din's sons
  • 1928 Rashid Begum born
  • 1933 Bhattis instituted civil action in Gujrat against government for correction of caste and won
  • 1934 Foundation laid of Bhatti Manzil, Ladian
  • 1934 Nazir rejoined Queen's College, Hong Kong because underage for Hong Kong University until 1935 at which time he joined HKU
  • 1935 Razia born (or 1941?)
  • 1940 Nazir and Aziza married in Hong Kong and Nazir joined the HK Police Reserve
  • 1941 Nazir selected by China Command Interviewing Board for commission in Indian Army; Nazir, Aziz, and Sardar arrested by Japanese, and released
  • 1942 Nazir joined as Chief Security Guard, S.S. Kaisyu Maru; Gulzar born; Aziz joined but also arrested by Japanese police and released (wha?)
  • 1942 Dad born
  • 1943 Nazir joined Hong Kong Harbour Guards
  • 1943 Bashir left Macau for Kwang Chow Wan, arrested by Japanese, brought to Macau and then to Hong Kong and taken to Stanley Prison, tried by Japanese military court and executed by Japanese in Hong Kong
  • 1944 Nazir arrested by Japanese, imprisoned by Japanese in Stanley Prison, Hong Kong
  • 1945 Gap Road house bombed by U.S. B-29s and family took refuge in abandoned house on Stubbs Road, Mount Cameron
  • 1945 Nazir released by Japanese and family (except Nazir and Aziz) went to Macau until the end of WWII and then returned to Ladian
  • 1946 Babuji retired from Hong Kong government service and Nazir and brothers joined Royal Indian Air Force with basic training at Arkonam, Madras
  • 1947 Mom born
  • 1948 Nazir completed training and posted at Drigh Road, Risalpur, Chaklala, Peshawar, Quetta, Drigh Road, Mauripur
  • 1956 Nazir selected for commission in Pakistan Navy and arrived in PNS Himalaya for training then arrived in PNS Sind as Supply Office
  • 1959 Nazir promoted to Lieutenant
  • 1959 MARTIAL LAW (I) - General M. Ayub Khan
  • 1964 Nazir arrived in Embassy of Pakistan, Peking
  • 1965 India-Pakistan War began; Aziz martyred on BRB Canal front, Lahore, and awarded Nishan-e-Haider posthumously
  • 1966 Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution in China began and Mom's schools were closed
  • 1968 Mom and Dad married; Babuji and Mamaji performed Hajj
  • 1970 Yours truly born (but this family tree and timeline lists only the important events for the men of the family and so the illustrious and auspicious occasion is not marked)
Simplified Family Tree
  • Family of A. Salam born in Kashmir
  1. Karam Din
  2. Ramzan
  3. Hasan Din
  4. Nur Din
  5. Ilam Din
  6. Sahib Din
  • Family of Nur Din born in Ladian
  1. Imam Din
  2. Ahmed Din
  3. Abdullah
  4. Ghulam Ali
  5. Rehmat Bibi
  6. Sutlan Ali
  7. Nawab Ali
  8. Ghulam Ali
  9. Nizam Din
  10. Niyamat
  • Family of Abdullah born in Hong Kong
  1. Nazir Ahmed
  2. Nazir Begum
  3. Bashir Ahmed
  4. Aziz Ahmed
  5. Sardar Ahmed
  6. Rashid Begum
  7. Rashid Ahmed
  • Family of Nazir Ahmed Bhatti born in Pakistan
  1. Rafeeqa
  2. Khalid
  • Family of Rafeeqa Bhatti born in Ladian
  1. Baji
  2. Lil Baji
  • Family of Baji born in Wales
  1. ZP
  2. AP

So what say you?  Any gaps to fill?  Any questions?  Any announcement to make such as, "Baji!  You really ARE my Baji!  Check it!"?


baj said...


Bitter Bhai said...


My Grandfather is from one of the viilages mentioned in list (Bhurchch Basoha, Sidh, Kharana, Uda)and Once I was told that our ancestors came from mountains during time of some femine in Kashmir. So I guess most people from these villages are Kashmiries but not everybody knows about their origin. My father was Student of Major Azis Bhatti's Shaheed Father's School

baj said...

hi there! i think you are correct about the origins of this village's population. my family still has family in bhurch - i wouldn't be surprised if our families knew each other b/c it's not that big a place. i'm also sure that my grandfather must have known your grandfather b/c he was also a student at the school! what is your grandfather's name?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Well please keep it discreet dont publish name of my grandfather.
My grandfather name was MR XYZ and u know my Father retired from Pakistan Navy. One of my Aunt is from Bhurch.
See I always wondered about Origin of my people Caz my grandfather used to tell me that they inhabitated this village caz of some femine in mountains. So they migrated from the mountains to fertile lands of UDha and Bhurch
. I did some research and now i am pretty sure that most of people in these villages came from moutains of Kashmir.
So,I hope u allow me to make u my cyber Baji..hope you don't mind it.


baj said...

i am everyone's baji! so i'm happy to include you among those who call me so. :) okay, my parents are actually in pakistan today (they just arrived!) and may be going to the village on this trip! i'll ask if they know your family and if so, to say salaams to them. hee! how cool!

i'm curious, how did you come across this post?

baj said...

oh! also, my other grandfather is a retired admiral of the pakistani navy! i'm sure one of my family knows one of your family. will get back to you as soon as i hear back! :D

Anonymous said...

Well Actually i was trying to google map my father's village (UDHA) and I didn't find it then i tried Bhorach ( MY aunt's village) and I came across your blog. I was curious who it could be...as you know its not a very populated area. My father took premature retirement from Pakistan Navy and left at rank of Commander. So you live in Pakistan?

baj said...

latest: from my mother "fiyaz bhai knows of chod. who had a nephew named ahmed from "OUDA" ahmed was in the navy and is retired." :)

also, nope, i'm in the U.S. are you in Pakistan?

Bitterbhai said...

from Canada here!...i am son of that ahmad from Ouda

Yasomi Gunawardena said...

Hi baji...
I have been trying to contact your mother, Rafeeqa, for so many years.
The last letter I recieved from her was in 1970 from Louisville, Kentucky.
Let me explain how I know her. My father was the ambassador of Ceylon to China from 1965 - 1970, and that was where we, my sister (Sriyani) and I, met your mom and became inseparable friends. At least until your mother's family left Peking.
I would be very grateful if you could send her phone number as I would love to hear her voice.