two turntables and a microphone

Well, a microphone of sorts, at least.  I'm heading out to the durrrty South and I think I'll take a cue (drat, if it was a queue, at least I'd get the 10 points for the Q . . . um, I think I've been playing Scrabble/Scramble/Scrabulous too much these days) from degrouchyowl and hand the mic over to you.  That's right, you.  You, the reader and/or blurker.  All two of ye.  Ask me something you've been curious about, want to hear my take on, or are too lazy to research and I'll respond.  *tap tap tap*  Okay, this thing is on.  So, begin!


Saeed said...

Hi ICUBaji! long time...(its me, Saeed, from down-under, except, now I'm back in desiland).nice to see u & yours r doing well.
my question?-how'd ya meet TP?

baj said...

hey, saeed! i do remember ye. and to answer your Q, the answer is: we went to law school together! kind of anti-climatic, eh? but yeah, basically, we had some classes together and met in boring, yucky, mind-wrenching, stress-inducing, hideous, horrible law school. :D

Ayesha said...

i hope you haven't left the microphone yet.

1) how did your and TP's parents react when you guys decided to get married?

2) describes the best dance move you have done till day,

3)will you give free legal advice to me, if i ever needed one ? ;)

baj said...

1. rather than put words into her mouth, i'll let mom answer this one herself. mom?

2. one evening when we were practicing for someone's mehndi, my cousin HB and I were paired up as partners for this whole dance routine involving 6 or 8 of us. we faced each other and took turns doing pre-approved choreographed moves. but during the practice, HB and I decided to freestyle and we were doing all sorts of madness including, but not limited to, pretending to throw a fishing line out and the partner catching the hook in the mouth and being reeled into the other person cheek first. still brings a smile to my face when i remember it.

3. depends, whom did you kill?! ;)

Ayesha said...


your doing fish rell dance in front of EVERBODY? hahaha

Thats INSANELY FUNNY. You can do your very own SNL kind of show :D

ref to #3: It means.. if its someone you do not like.. i'll be getting a discount. woho! ;)

Cybermom said...

When I met TP the first time in DC, I thought to myself:
1. He's a Muslim ( that was my only request from my girls in selecting their life partner )
2. He's well educated ( I hoped they had sense enough to marry someone who was mentally compatible )
3. He's handsome and good natured ( Subhan Allah )
4. They've known each other long enough ( to accept mutual strengths and weaknesses )
5. He makes my daughter happy ( Shukr Allah )
What more can I ask for ( Alhumdulillah) ?!?!?!

yasmine said...

clearly, cybermom is a total rockstar. =) highfive!