Been tagged by Musicalchef and so . . . Ten things (most of you) don't know about me (apologies if there is some repetition from the 100 things about me post, parts one and two):

  1. When I was younger, I could lace my fingers together and jump through my arms as though they were a jump rope. Not so sure I could still do that these days.
  2. With sugared cereals forboden in our household, I used to sneak a scoop or more of sugar straight out of the sugar jar to get my sweet fix.
  3. The hardest part of Ramadan for me is the waking up and forcing myself to eat something for Sehri - I used to fall asleep while chewing a banana and when woken up to finish it, I would just shift it from one cheek to the other and snooze.
  4. I've seen the Princess Bride so many times that I could (and probably still can) recite almost every single line.
  5. I was so addicted to Atari that I managed to get calluses on my fingers from playing so much. Pacman fever, indeed!
  6. Although I try not to be, I'm a very vengeful person - during the first month of starting at a new school in the 7th grade, the 'cool girls' decided to pick on me and wrote mean notes to me and put a tack on my chair; in response, I determined who the 'leader' was and kicked her into her locker as the end of school bell rang and walked away. They didn't bother me after that.
  7. I can fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes a mere three weeks after delivering my baby.
  8. One night whilst asleep on my pallet in Pakistan, I woke up when I felt something tickling my cheek - it was a monster cockroach. With wings. Still freaks me out.
  9. For some bizarre reason, after a shower with still-wet hair, I would sometimes suck the water out of my long hair on my way to school. Since I never used a hair-dryer, sometimes my hair would be a mass of frozen strands.
  10. My name means 'the fountain in heaven where those closest to God drink.'

To spare what few readers I have left, I won't tag anyone. But whomsoever wishes to be tagged may consider themselves so tagged - just let me know and I'll come visit!

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