my, how my life has changed. sporadic sleep, incomplete meals, and use of a whole different set of muscles. here is the new soundtrack of my life:

Breast-feeding: Taste the Pain by the Red Hot Chili Peppers
Wriggly diaper change, belly button cleaning, and change of clothes as fast as possible: Jerry Was a Racecar Driver by Primus
Busting out the clippers and letting Dad 'shave' ZP's hair: Cut Your Hair by Pavement
ZP's angry eyebrows and ferocious anger when I'm not fast enough to understand what he is trying to communicate to me: Any song really, by Rage Against the Machine
Looking at the multiple laundry baskets that Mom has graciously been attending to: I Don't Wanna Go Down To The Basement by the Ramones
Being hypnotized by ZP's wide eyes and believing he recognizes me and adores me (especially when I catch that fleeting smile that may indicate pleasure but may also indicate a soiled diaper in progress): Your Favorite Thing by Sugar
Watching ZP sleep and wanting to do anything I can to give him everything he needs and wants: Little Babies by Sleater Kinney

i'm the water i'm the dishes i'm the soap
i will comfort make you clean help you cope
when you're tired feeling helpless
come inside i am the shelter
and then when you're feeling better i'll watch you go
dum dum dee dee dee dum dum dee dum do
all the little babies go oh oh i want to
dum dum dee dee dee dum dum dee dum yeah
rock the little babies with one two three four

are you hungry did you eat before the show
i peeled potatoes set the table washed the floor
i know the others treat you rough
and when you know you've had enough
you'll come and see me cuz' you know
i'm always here
mother's little helper

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