*shhh. he's alseep. i should be asleep too. and yet, here i am with a quick update. thanks to cybermom and dad for helping me with everything from bathing zp (slippery lil' devil) to rocking him to sleep (using every family member as his own personal bed). thanks to gojira for visiting me and providing me with adult conversation as well as an opportunity to nap while she obeyed the master's commands or suffer the wrath of the angry toes (can't wait to have our own celebrity poker tournament!). thanks to lb and kg for the food and babysitting and the laptop (without which, this blog would have cobwebs in the corners . . . errr, more so). and thanks to tp for taking care of me in every way - emotionally, physically, and foodily (gonna hunker down over some home-cookin' tonight). and thanks to all youze guyz for still visiting this place even though the updates are few and far between and seem to be all about baby stuff. alhumdulillah, his first month's dr's visit went well and he's a healthy baby weighing in at over 10 lbs and stretching out to 24 inches. the best is the morning smile i get and the funniest is watching his huge cheeks tremble with effort when he raises his head. awwww.*

ALERT! ALERT! FURIOUS BEAST AWAKENS! SLASHING CLAWS (seriously, baby nails are fiercely sharp), GNASHING GUMS (hints of teeth threatening beneath), AND ANGRY EYEBROWS (inherited from his daddy)!

*runs away*

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