100 Things About Me [Part 1 of 2]

  1. I was born in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales
  2. My family moved to the United States when I was three months old and I've been traveling ever since.
  3. If I could, I would become a professional world traveler.
  4. The locals of every country (except China) that I've ever traveled to believe that I am from their country.
  5. I love my parents, my sister, and my husband.
  6. I have taken piano lessons, tried flute for a while, and am quite adept at singing the tunes that the non-vocal instruments create in songs.
  7. Without cable, I have become more attracted to home improvement television shows, cooking shows, and travel shows than ever.
  8. I was once in such a rush that as I was exiting my bedroom, four of my toes cleared the doorjamb; my pinky did not. It broke and despite its perpendicular angle to the rest of my toes, my father insisted that it was just bruised.
  9. I believe there is an appropriate Simpsons quote for every occasion, and that, if someone can quote The Simpsons they can't be all bad.
  10. I'm a fan of British comedy.
  11. When I was a child, I decided to extend the track of my motorized miniature car and proceeded to roll the car along my arm, up my neck, and into my hair where the wheels became inextricably tangled and had to be cut loose.
  12. I have a hard time comprehending the fact that some people don't read for pleasure.
  13. I like cheese, monkeys, and pirates; one equally as much as the others, but rarely in conjunction with each other.
  14. I first learned the sign-language alphabet when I was reprimanded for talking in class with my friend and we decided to continue our v-e-r-y. s-l-o-w. c-o-n-v-e-r-s-a-t-i-o-n-s. in silence.
  15. I prefer dark chocolate over milk, hot weather over cold, and comedy over tragedy.
  16. I've never smoked, had an alcoholic drink, or taken any drugs that were not over-the-counter.
  17. Despite my disinterest in sports and apathy for exercise, I participated in the following in school: kickball, dodgeball, softball, field hockey, tennis, swimming, badminton, track, basketball, and gymnastics along with some unnamed sport that involves all of the children grasping an edge of a parachute and whipping it up and down to make a ball in the middle fly up.
  18. I love the smell of laundry, jasmine, and Vera Wang's perfume.
  19. I once had as pets the following: parakeets, fish, hamsters (one of which went rabid), a box turtle (who ran away), cats, chicks, and by default, my neighbor's dogs (upon whose warm bellies I would sometimes rest my head in the summer and nap).
  20. I used to count among my favorite televisions shows the following: The A-Team, Voyager, Manimal, Remmington Steele, and Saturday Night Live. I will only admit to SNL now and even that I don't like as much anymore.
  21. I enjoy an eclectic mix of music. I used to say I liked "all kinds of music except country" but now that has grown on me and pop music irritates me instead and I'll never really get into industrial quote music unquote.
  22. In college, I joined in on the Rocky Horror Picture Show's audience participation night. More than once.
  23. I work for the U.S. Government and have the badge, fingerprint record, and meager paycheck to prove it.
  24. My car is a 1992 Toyota Cressida named "Cressie" which I can parallel park with ease.
  25. My favorite lotion is Santa Maria Novella's rose milk lotion.
  26. I've had the best and the worst pizza in Italy.
  27. I can spend an inordinate amount of time browsing the beauty products aisles.
  28. My favorite accent is the Scottish accent.
  29. I love "Catcher in the Rye," "Marathon Man," "Me Talk Pretty One Day," and "Ex Libris" inter alia.
  30. When I was younger, I could form a 'jump rope' with my arms (hands clasped together) and jump through them.
  31. I have held, at one time or another, the following paid, some more than others, positions: garbage collector, house painter, travel writer, attorney, cherry picker.
  32. My hair is long and dark brown that turns reddish in the summer sun.
  33. My mother used to call me in from playing outside by alerting me to the fact that the Muppet Show was on; these days, Brak, Samurai Jack, or Spongebob Squarepants would probably do the trick.
  34. I am plotting the death of my blog.
  35. I'm still stunned that Bush got re-elected.
  36. Other than Eid, Talk Like a Pirate Day is my favorite holiday - which is not a sanctioned holiday, but should be.
  37. I always try to read a book before the film-version comes out, regardless of whether or not I plan to see the remake.
  38. Despite the many "are ewe tew twains?" we are asked, I am five years older and five inches taller than my sister.
  39. I have bestowed upon my sister the title of beloved, enemy, stalemate, friend, best friend, and beloved.
  40. My sister lives anywhere between 1.0 and 1.2 miles away from me, depending on which route you take.
  41. I love movies and have seen probably more than my share over the years.
  42. Despite having done quite well in A.P. Calculus, I'm bad with numbers.
  43. If I don't get to become a professional world traveler, I wouldn't mind opening my own bookstore, and spend my days reading and discussing books with people, and not caring whether I sell the books or not.
  44. I enjoying making up my own words whether or not Literati or Scrabble acknowledges them.
  45. I am assisting a friend in creating a sci-fi graphic novel.
  46. I dislike public speaking immensely.
  47. I have no appendix, wisdom teeth, or perfect sight.
  48. I have a fairly dark sense of humor and get reprimanded often for it.
  49. I love caffeine in chocolate, coffee, and tea form.
  50. One of my favorite possessions is a gold ring that was given by a prisoner in WWII Hong Kong (on charges of being a British spy), to my Uncle (also imprisoned for the same reason), to my Grandmother (who was also in Hong Kong at the time), to my Mother (upon finishing the Quran) to me.

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