100 Things About Me [Part 2 of 2]

  1. I have attended safety school, public school, Catholic school, non-denominational private school, college, and law school.
  2. I have attended Mass, a Seder, and Diwali
  3. I loathe running for the sake of running, grammatical errors in published books, and wintergreen anything.
  4. I have lived near a river all of my life: Taff, Ohio, Hudson, Mississippi, and Potomac.
  5. I never really learned how to drive a manual transmission car but I have driven a U-Haul truck (with Cressie hitched to the back) across several states alone.
  6. I have enjoyed scuba-diving, parasailing, and snorkeling.
  7. I am a pack rat; I get that from my Mom who gets that from her Dad.
  8. If I were to compare my handwriting to a leaf, I'd have to go with either the ginko or the tulip.
  9. If I had to choose only one cuisine to eat the rest of my life, it would be Italian. I mean, come on: pasta, pizza, gelato, cannoli, cappuccino, macchiato, do I have to go on?
  10. Almost every time I get my hair cut, the stylist comments on how thick my hair is.
  11. One of my earliest memories is being enraptured by watching my father shave in the morning and then getting a shaving cream design of cookie monster on my little palm as a treat.
  12. Another early memory is of pretending to make French Toast (plastic pieces that fit onto a toy plate) for my mother and asking her if she wanted sesame seeds or powdered sugar on it.
  13. In my youth and into my adulthood, my father and I share this ritual: he sees my light on in my bedroom late at night; he knows I'm reading and sings out, "Baby doll, go to sleep!"; I respond, "Okay, Dad! Good night!" and continue to read for several more hours.
  14. I took four years of Spanish in high school and remember very little of it.
  15. In school, I used to envy the kids who had braces.
  16. I probably don’t drink as much water, eat enough greens, or get as much sleep as I'm supposed to.
  17. I have voted for the Independent presidential candidate for every single election since I could vote except in 2004.
  18. I have seen Frank Sinatra in concert and was probably the youngest audience member there.
  19. I wish I could use and take advantage of my Palm Pilot (now TP's) as much as my sister does.
  20. I used to love Welch's Grape Soda. Liquid candy!
  21. I dislike small minds, small dogs, and small girls wearing thick make-up and skankified clothes.
  22. I can give a pretty decent tour of Washington, D.C.
  23. I have ridden a camel, horses, and a very large dog.
  24. I have been on a helicopter, a cruise ship, and various motorcycles.
  25. I used to hate but now I love tomatoes, olives, and dates.
  26. When I was younger, I used to break my fasts with chocolate chips.
  27. I can raise just my left eyebrow.
  28. After a bout of chicken pox, I lost a chunk of eyelashes on my lower left eyelid which never grew back.
  29. The only time my parents ever spanked me was when I was in Pakistan and had to take a horse-pill-sized malaria pill but couldn't choke it down. Well, couldn't without a little added physical incentive, that is.
  30. Dad used to enjoy waking me up in the morning by holding the palm of his hands, recently wetted by after-shave, under my nose until the fumes, yes, fumes, woke me up.
  31. I was once so addicted to Atari that I formed calluses on my hands from holding the joystick so tightly.
  32. I like ice cream. I like cake. But I don't like ice cream cake.
  33. With my Dad being a cardiologist and not needing copies of EKGs after he had reviewed them, I had an unlimited supply of scratch paper growing up.
  34. Newcomer to a new country, my Mom was so concerned about my English language skills that she forbade me from purchasing comic books for fear that they would ruin my grammar. That didn't stop me from devouring them when we visited friends who had a stash though.
  35. Going for Hajj is still the most spiritually overwhelming experience I've ever had.
  36. I have one bookshelf dedicated to travel guides and languages, one to classics, one to comics, one to compilations of humorous pieces, one to DVDs, one to non-fiction, one to mysteries and sci-fi, one to mild fiction, one to edgier fiction, one to outrageous fiction, one to photo albums, one to series, one to hardbacks that don't fit anywhere else, and one to books I haven't read yet.
  37. I have twin sisters-in-law.
  38. I really have enjoyed meeting all of the bloggers and blurkers that visit – be it in person or just virtually.
  39. This list thing reminds me so much of the lyrics by L7: Enough talk about me, Let's talk about you, What do you think of me? What do you think of me, me, me...
  40. Once, when I was choking on an Everlasting Gobstopper, my Mom saved me by performing the Heimlich maneuver.
  41. One of the things I really dislike about myself is my boundless capacity to hold a grudge or want revenge; but I'm working on that.
  42. I have been lovingly called the following: Monkeyboots, Junk Monkey, Buck-toothed Monster, The Buck-Toothed Kid, Tuckered Out Mouse, and Snarling Beast.
  43. In my pre-teen days, I was so enamored with Star Wars that when a special behind-the-scenes show came on television one pre-VCR year, I recorded it onto an analog, audio, old-school tape with my tape-recorder. As a clip featured Han Solo warning jubilant Luke Skywalker, "don't get cocky, kid," you could hear my Mother doing the dishes and my parakeet chirping in the background.
  44. When I sleep, I don't so much toss as I do turn, like a goat on a spit, in one place.
  45. At family functions, I tend to tower over everyone else.
  46. I love irony, sarcasm (when witty and dry, not mean and stupid), absurdity, and twists.
  47. I will readily admit to being a Buffy fan. Joss Whedon rules!
  48. I was a Girl Scout, a 4-H member, and a Guppy.
  49. I wanna rock and roll all niiiiight, and party ev. er. ee. day.
  50. I'm done.

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