Good news: Started my day with a delicious cuppa espresso sweetened with condensed milk.
Bad news: Also started my day running around trying to jump start TP's busticated car.

Bad news: When TP doesn't listen to me, sparks fly. Literally. He wouldn't listen to my instructions on which clamp goes on which part of the battery and bright, hot sparkage ensued.
Good news: Car finally started and I still had time to rush back, polish up, and get to the courthouse in time.

Good news: We got married in the eyes of DC with Lil Baji as our witness, guest, and photographer.
Bad news: Jaleo, the Spanish tapas restaurant that LB treated us to afterwards, is too delicious for my own good.

Bad news: I'm off the market now, fellas.
Good news: I'm off the market now, ladies.

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