Ten days 'til take-off! Well, actually, ten days until I take the cheapo bus to NYC ($35 round trip! beat that!) and then the next day, I'm off! Interesting bits of trivia I picked up. . .

*although most airlines are pretty strict about restricting carryons of weapons, could-be weapons, looks-like weapons of any kind, BMI (that's the airline, not the infernal calculation) makes an exception for three inch Kirpans swords.

*Heathrow Airport is enticingly close to both Slough (of "The Office" fame) and Staines (of "Da Ali G Show" fame -- boyakasha!).

*If you want to see what my blog looks like in Ali G's eyes, then check yo'self before you wreck yo'self.

*How about Abez's? Da White House? Yours?

*This book, "Monkey vs. Robot", looks funny. And so does this TV show that James Kochalka is trying to get made.

*taking Allegra-D in the evening makes you stay awake all night and leaves you kooky in the morning.

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