Hi all, this is Lil Baji guest blogging for Baji. I miss Baji SO MUCH! I've already talked to her/called her at least 5 times today. She took a ghetto bus to NYC, which was super late. But she's there safe and sound now, chilling with our friend A.

My day started and ended with intense feelings of fear. The source of this fear you may wonder? Cicadas. They are emerging, and so disgusting. Last night Baji and I ate outside at this awesome Mexican restaurant (last time enjoying outdoor seating for me, until end of June when those little jerks die) and on the way home, the sidewalk was littered with cicada wings. No bodies, just wings. How sick is that? So this am, I was walking to my car in sandles (have since decided to wear sneakers to car and leave work shoes in car to change) in the street, because it seemed to have fewer wings/shells/etc than the sidewalk. As soon as I was in my car, I seriously felt a huge sense of relief. Then tonight, no parking was avail in front of the building so I had to dodge the wings, etc again. I was so happy to be home! (except that baji wasn't here to listen to me complain about the cicadas - don't worry, I called her cell and gave her the update.) Now I think I will spend the next 6 weeks inside. I hate those cicadas. Crampin' my style.

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