Patience, my lovelies. Travelogue will be up and running soon. In the meantime, here are the previews to whet your appetite...

Meet the stinkiest man in the universe!

Learn how "blood pudding" is as gross as it sounds!

Dodge the Eds at the co-ed bathrooms!

Loiter with us on St. Stephen's Green and discuss how although the Land Fur was soft, the Lamp In The Sky was too hot!

Suffer from OCD by looking at the prices of every copy of Morrissey's new CD and searching for non-existant lime green Pumas!

Dine on conveyor belt sushi in 55 minutes and manage to hold it all down!

Get turned around and retrace steps at least once a day in order to dub the travelogue "Doublin' in Dublin"!

(and that's just Ireland . . .)

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