Welcome, True Believers! When we last left our hero, he had just turned one year old. His rite of passage was replete with trials, tribulations, and rewards. Pleasure came in the form of visits from his family and friends who showered him with love and prezzies at a gala affair held at LB and KG's place. Pain came in the form of a shot in the forearms and two in the turkeythighs. Insult was added to injury when his caretaker accidentally locked herself out of the house with our hero trapped inside the house for about an hour. His indignation was made quite apparent by his high-decibel vocal protests. Let's just say that he could be heard from across the street and leave it at that.

Nonetheless, our hero eventually overcame these obstacles and sallied forth bravely into his first year. He cruised in his TEK 911 police car up and down the streets of the neighborhood to warn evil-doers of his presence. With the help of his loyal sidekicks, he climbed the stairs of justice . . . well, at least he climbed the stairs. He patrolled his park and watched over its denizens with a careful eye that missed nothing.

This morning, I discovered not one, not two, but three spider bites on his tiny, fat foot. After staring dully at the red, swollen spots for a moment, trying to fathom how any creature would DARE to bite ZP (myself excluded), I put some ointment on the bites and (fakey fake) Dr. TP gave him some antihistamines.

I'm not sure what kind of spider bit him, but I'll just say this:

Later in the morning, we were assisting our hero in standing and, on a whim, tried to coax him to come to one of us while the other was prepared to catch him if he fell. After a few failed attempts, he did it. He walked. On his own. About three steps each time.

"Oh my GOD! It must have been a radioactive spider that bit him because now he has superpowers!" I exclaimed.

"With great power comes great responsibility," TP responded. "Now he has to do the dishes."


MuslimADay said...

hahaha lovely!

But to the point: Baji must join facebook.

This message has been brought to you by the get Baji on Facebook Campaign, since she already knows so many people on it. And so she should join.

This campaign was originally conceived of by Yasminay, and HijabMan had absolutely nothing to do with it. except. posting this message.

Ol' Baby said...

heeeeay ! i can't believe he walked. did you guys get it on video? ooooh please give spider baby my love and hugs!

Crazed Teacher said...

aww cute , the best part is when they fall on their diapered behind and laugh about it :)

Anjum (barsaat) said...

very cute =)

slowmar said...

very cute post. hope his foot feels better. hope you guys have a wonderful summer.

baj said...

md - you have to finish your first campaign before you are allowed to begin another.

ob - alas, no video, he's too fast and by the time we get the camera ready, he wants to do something else.

ush - any time he has something to laugh about instead of cry about is 'the best part'! :)

anj - thx!

slm - aye, his foot is better, thx! hope you have a great summer too! and hope to see you and o2 in GA at the end of june????

Abez said...

MashaAllah!!! Super spider powers for ZP! Awesome! Bebeface chooses to walk on his own only when people aren't looking, or if I'm the only one around, so he's walking but I don't really tell anyone because NO ONE BELIEVES ME!!

Seriously, this kid has serious performance anxiety issues, he'll really only walk around me, which is fine, because it seems to scare him and he feels better knowing he can fall into my arms after a few wobbly steps. :)

Welcome to Mobility, let me know how ZP's dishwashing skills go. :)

Anonymous said...

hahahahaha! Spiderbaby.

Anonymous said...

how many superheroes you gonna have in your family? --najm