In the 1950s, my grandfather attended the Queen of England's coronation in Westminster Abbey. Five decades later, my grandfather-in-law is going to meet her when she comes to D.C. to meet World War II veterans. But before that, she'll be in my hometown(ish) of Louisville, KY for the Derby. Hey, Cybermom, if you see her, tell her we said, "hi" and "bring some derby pie for us when you get back!"


broheme said...

Derby Pie: Hmmm. My favorite dessert that your mother makes (well, aside from the famous "Congo Bars").

HijabMan said...

After you left Tryst, I mentioned ICUBAJI, and those two were like, OH IVE READ THAT! :)

And they are both lawyers. I don't know what it is with me + tryst = lawyers.

And Zain waved at me! wooo!

baj said...

br - mmmm, congo bars. i haven't had one of those in ages! maybe we'll put that on the menu for zp's birthday party.

hj - no way! who were they and why do they never comment?! fyi - zain is still waving at you.