Pandi's 'Pinions

Between baby, work, allergies, Cressie's brakes being shot, and house stuff, there's no time to read, reflect, and review! Anyway.

Books: Empire Falls by Richard Russo was a much more enjoyable, but in the same vein, book as The Shipping News by E. Annie Proulx's. In an attempt not to give anything away, it was a nice glimpse into a small northern town and its quirky inhabitants but it was disconcerting to read the climactic ending in light of recent real-life events. Is that cryptic enough for ya?

Music: Love this song, Lazy Eye, by the Smashing-Pumpkins-reincarnated band Silversun Pickups. Ah, the 90s.

TV: GAH! Only a handful of episodes left in Heroes! What's going to happen?! Is Peter going to explode but Nathan will grab him, fly him into space, and thus save New York and redeem himself? How will Hiro repair his broken sword to kill Sylar before Sylar begins his massacre? Will they (hopefully) kill off Nikki/Jessica, DL, and Micah before they annoy me to death?

Food: Santa Fe BBQ Rice Chips. A+


HijabMan said...

Nikki, Jess, Micah and DL need to die. I concur.

ayan said...

Hahah those characters are all very annoying, especially the kid.

So i finished my last exam yesterday, but I start summer class (last class in law school EVER!!!) next monday - hence will be missing the last 2 episodes.

Chantale said...

awe I like Micah.. I just wish we could see more of his skillz. He is cute!
I just dont get why they just didnt keep Peter away from Ted.
DUH!!!! Then there would be no problem.

baj said...

hj - also, i wouldn't shed too many tears if parkman bit the dust.

ay - why can't his father sail away with him off of the show ala 'lost'? also, have ye never heard of a vcr/dvr/tivo?

ch - i doubt he will blow up quite yet b/c it's not the day after the election. but yeah, sometimes they are super dumb.

HijabMan said...

Dude. Parkman? But he was on felicity! I just want him and his wifey to get along. :(

You've gone too far, baj! TOO FAR! :)

baj said...

yes, parkman! the guy who was on 'alias' and on a single episode of 'lost'. he's kinda lame. first he steals the diamonds, then, in the future, he turns against his own kind?