Tag, yer it.

  • Three things that scare me: Any harm coming to ZP, any slight inflicted onto ZP, any sadness suffered by ZP.
  • Three people who make me laugh: TP, LB, Gojira.
  • Three things I love: 25th Anniversary Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake, ZP's laughter, traveling.
  • Three things I hate: capers, selfish people on public transporation, vomiting.
  • Three things I don't understand: accounting, urdu poetry, intolerance.
  • Three things on my desk: a phone, speakers, and soon my head.
  • Three things I'm doing right now: Thinking about dessert, listening to ZP babbling to Nanaji downstairs, smelling post-shower squeaky fresh and clean.
  • Three things I want to do before I die: write a book, see ZP grow up to be a good man, give TP one more smootch.
  • Three things I can do: pass for native in many countries, recite arcane trivia and tv/movie lines, spell out the alphabet in sign language.
  • Three things I can't do: easily let go of grudges (but I'm working on it), enjoy running, swallow pills without water.
  • Three things you should listen to: NPR, something by Matador records, and yo' mama.
  • Three things you should never listen to: Crappy commercial radio, naysayers (except for Debbie Downer), evil-doers.
  • Three things I'd like to learn: how to knit, another language, some easy hi-yah moves.
  • Three favorite foods: Desi, Italian, Mediterranean.
  • Three beverages I drink regularly: Chocolate Silk Soy Milk, water, Limonata (although the Pomegranate Blueberry Juice from Whole Foods is AMAZING and I just wish the cost weren't so prohibitive because at $3 a pop, it's not worth it 'regularly' otherwise, that'd be #3).
  • Three TV shows I watched as a kid: Thundercats, The Muppet Show, The Greatest American Hero.

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