This weekend, I:

  • Talked to a blind guy about the National Federation of the Blind 2005 National Convention being held in Louisville, about siblings, about Islam, and about the couple in front of us who spent FIVE MINUTES, no joke, giving instructions to the cat-sitter on how much to feed the cat (1.5 cups of chow per day which could be given as (1) three-quarters of a silver cup in the morning and three-quarters of a silver cup at night or (2) one and a half white plastic cup in the morning and none at night or (3) one silver cup in the morning and half a white plastic cup at night).
  • Checked out Dad's garden where I snagged the first cherry tomato of the season, admired the okra, and lamented the loss of the kk which is being started over from scratch after the lawn guy thought they were weeds and ripped them down last summer.
  • Enjoyed Mom's internet-recipe-based goodies.
  • Got mah nails did.
  • Attended an Indian/Vietnamese/American mehndi featuring the Hilton sisters, a young "Spanish Lady," the "nerdy duo," and various other 12 year old girls dancing with the suggestive, uncomfortable, adult moves. Bonus: almost tossed the contents of the goodie bag into my mouth until I realized it contained pearl earrings and a pearl necklace. Subtract points: dumping a cup full of kheer on Mom's lap.
  • Tried to reprogram the garage door opener.
  • Was made aware of my first white hair.
  • Laughed my throat raw hanging out with the cousins and aunts/uncles/elders.
  • Held, smiled, and cooed at delicate premie Adam (born 4 lbs 9 oz) and then tried to rough-house, pinch, and swing hefty Hamza (now somewhere around 358 lbs).
  • Attended an Indian/Vietnamese/American wedding featuring the "All In-Laws Chorus Extravaganza," thank you notes immediately hand-delivered to the tables while guests went to the buffet, and friends with whom we plotted and came up with all sorts of machinations to avenge ourselves for Gavin's prior wedding schemes. Bonus: amazingly ordered wedding. Subtract points: eggrolls were so oily that when I pressed down on it with my fork, I could see the oil pooling up and around the tines.
  • Made aloo samosas (puff pastries, zindabad!).
  • Drank copious cups of chai, gorged on gosht, and finished a whole bag of those crunchies - you know what I'm talking about, right?
  • Got some new kicks.
  • Hulled two boxes of strawberries and watched them disappear within the hour.
  • Read nothing, took two naps, ate way too many red hots, and couldn't shake the holiday weekend mode until around 3pm today.

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