For thine information:

TP's band (as of this weekend named "Group Captain Mandrake" - from "Dr. Strangelove") is now back in full swing even though the basement is still half in shambles. The drywall is up, the carpet is down, but there are still noticeable gaping holes in some of the walls and exposed wires threatening unwary travellers. Abandon hope, all ye who enter. Also, bring down some chips and sodas.

My sister-in-law came to visit us this weekend and we took her out for South Indian vegetarian food, made her sleep in an un-air-conditioned room, and taught her how to make bhindi. I'll turn the whole family into desis yet!

Baby panda was born at the zoo this weekend - the size of a 'stick of butter'. Awww. And yum!

For all you well-wishers, here's a pix of Squeaky McGee. And here he is on his way to attend a very important meeting with some very important people.

In anticipation of my laziness and failure to update, let me be the first to wish Najm, TP, and Julestress a very happy birthday.

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