Rumors of our deaths and/or departure have been greatly exaggerated. We are still in town but are planning on leaving at the end of the week.

*hangs up "Welcome Burglars" sign*

Thanks to the advice of several acquaintences, we have gotten several tips and warnings for our trip:

Do see the cloudforests, the volcanos, and the beaches.
Don't see, hang out in, or spend a second longer than necessary in San Jose.
Do explore some of the national parks.
Don't get bitten by the Fer-de-lance.
Do keep your eyes out for an ocelot or jaguar.
Don't step on any scorpions. Or army ants or bullet ants. Oh, and watch out for vampire bats. (this from Oz's friend, Angelus - how cool is that name?! Interro-greco-roman!)
Do indulge in the export reserve Cafe Britt coffee.
Don't indulge in the 1/2 cup of pork lard gallo pinto.

Any other suggestions? Comments? Jokes? Discussions about the WTO-WIPO TRIPS Agreement?

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