Today was a gloriously, warm, sunny day (thanks, Allah, you're the best!). Almost 70 degrees, slight breeze, and puffy, white, Simpsons-like clouds. I decided to go for a walk. My 'hood is Adams Morgan, home of the second largest Salvadoran population in the U.S., a multitude of ethnic restaurants (D.C. has the most Ethiopian restaurants than any other city in the U.S. and especially in AdMo), and the dearly departed Tik Tok Easy Shop.

On a beautiful day like today, the streets are crawling with dog-walkers, window-shoppers, and exercise-freaks. Traversing the heart of the Latino community necessarily means going past a few of the more vocal elements of the area as well. So, I girded myself with my shield and headed out. Seriously, without a walking companion or my Rio, it can be difficult to enjoy a stroll through my neighborhood what with the "aye, mami, que pasa?" and the "que bonita! habla espanol?" coming from all directions. While my eyes roll, my jaw tightens, and my pace quickens, all that runs through my head at these times is a line from the Fugazi song "Suggestion": Why can't i walk down a street free of suggestion? Why can't i walk down a streeeeeeeet (oh yeah) free of suggestion? But with a handy dandy mp3-player (fake cell phone calls work in a pinch too), I am left alone to enjoy my walkabout hassle-free. Yay, technology!

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