Emirates spanks PIA. Seriously. The boarding is orderly and efficient (no mad dash for a seat in which one will be sitting for umpteen hours). The rules on carry-on bags are strictly enforced (which means you won't have overstuffed, monstrous luggage crammed into the overhead compartments posing as 'carry-ons' and hanging threateningly over you Sword of Damocles-like). The in-flight entertainment is varied and enjoyable (your choice of 5 movies, 5 tv shows, and 10 video games including a trivia challenge where you can compete against your fellow passengers).

Best of all is the new feature that allows the passenger to tune her individual screen to the 'forward camera' so that she can get a pilot's-eye view of the take-off and landing and the 'downward camera' so that she can see the runway, the rivers, the lakes, the ocean, and the snow-capped mountains as the plane flies over the face of the earth. The flight departed and arrived on time, my luggage came intact, and I wasn't hassled by The (Paki) Man. British Airways is still probably my favorite (erm, I mean favourite), but for flights to Pak, Emirates Zindabad! Ok, commercial announcement is over. Now back to your regularly scheduled programs.

What's your favorite airline?

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