I know, I know, I said, "this is it," but this time I really mean it! I just wanted to let you fans know about two things.

1. The power of blogs is amazing! (Uh oh, I now have "The Power of Love" stuck in my head). Not only has it given me the opportunity to have newunions and renewunions with fellow bloggers and blurkers I had never met before, but it has reunited two friends who have not communicated with each other in forty-one years! A woman found my post about my family and managed to reconnect with my mother, with whom she was very close friends in Hong Kong and they had a lovely time catching each other up on four decades worth of news and gossip. SUCCESS! So you can give credit to this coda to the blog demise to Aunty Yasomi.

2. Stay tuned.


Ayesha said...

REALLY! I think its terrific. I lover internetS.

Ps: it might not always look like this i am always tuned baji, and you are staying on my RSS.

How is school treating you and the lil one?

Anonymous said...



also, i'm convinced Ayesha is a spy and is in Quetta at the moment.

H@shim A™ (aka, Balochi Man)

yasmine said...

baji! your Family link is not working, and i NEED it to work. hyperlinks must always work -- how else am i supposed to continue my network of topsecret stalking sessions and ongoing referentations!? (interro-mysteriousmadeupwords!)

but from what you explained of it, that is such an awesome story, re. your mom and her friend. also, 'Yasomi' is kind of a really awesome name.

and stop leaving us hanging with the bulletpoint#2! i demand full details!

and vow, just vow, i cannot BELEEB hashim the horrible is becoming a regular commenter! (if 2 comments makes him a 'regular commenter,' which i think, in his case, it sure does.)

baji said...

ayesh - is it not the grand? :) alhumdulillah, going school is getting better (this morning, there was only minimal groaning and no tears at all. progress!).

hsh - you may be right. (... i may be crazy. but it just may be a LOOOO natic you're looking for ...). and what, exactly, are your superpowers, balochi man?

yz - i fick it! and yeah, you know boys: they are only attracted to death and destruction, whether of blogs or other things.

yasmine said...

holy bajesus, baji, that post you linked to is full of AMAZING RENEWUNIONS in the comments! multiple exclamation points!!!!!

baji said...

i KNOW, right?! interro-power-of-the-internetS!

Anonymous said...

//and what, exactly, are your superpowers, balochi man? //

1) a desi hand waggle...


2) hip wiggling...


H@shim A ™

baji said...

*kamaal hai* (usually in a sarcastic tone, the head tilts)

you are KEEELING me with the commenting on this dead blog! why did you wait so long to participate, fool!? interro-fool!

also, i loved that vid. i have taken to singing twinkle twinkle little star in this fashion these days, just to crack up zp:


Anonymous said...

//you are KEEELING me with the commenting on this dead blog! why did you wait so long to participate, fool!? interro-fool!//

because i've been busy working on my horror/dramedy/bollywood musical screen-play that stars a stabby villianous (who wears orange boots) who kills her victims with her singing.

you don't get off the hookS til i get my bumper sticker (to go along with my existing matching t-shirt).

H@shim A™

ps, the original comment - i thought you'd have noticed, wasn't written by H@shim A™. take a wild guess at who's behindS it.


H@shim A™

baji said...

haw hai! sounds like some something a spy would do.

Anonymous said...

i got the bumper stickerS...



H@shim A™

ps... Yasmine wrote the front end of the original post.

she cannot tell who you are and you cannot tell who she is. there's a background story there that ends in a big SUCCESS from H@shim A™.

*wanders off to stick bumperS*

HijabMan said...

we are even getting facebook notes.


baji said...

no! this blog is dead! i said it and i meant it!


that doesn't mean i have stopped writing... ;)

yasmine said...

as long as that means i'm still getting iftar cream soda & harira (?) recipes on facebook, i don't at all have a complaint against fb Notes.

PS: javed, all the bumper sticker references in this comment box are about yours, in case you didn't know =)

PPS: why did you wait so long to participate, fool!? interro-fool!

keeps making me laughS.


fathima said...

whatever else, "coda" is an excellent word. goodbye&hello.

Anjum (barsaat) said...

what!! baji, what? really? this is it? plus some commenting and facebook notes? and potentially some guest blogging at javed's? You even took down the piratey theme!! why could you not leave the pirates up for us??? :( :( :(

*cheers* to you baji - given appropriately with my roohafza-flavored italian soda...

baji said...

i know, twas a sad day when the pirate ninja monkeys disappeared but abez, my webdesigner, had all of the accounts and passwords for the program that hosted them and now they have expired! i don't want to bother her about it since she's sort of busy with other stuff, i.e. life, and since i was closing up shop anyway, just thought i'd let it be.

roohafza flavored?! pix! stat!

karrvakarela said...


not sure if you're here or gone, but it's been a pleasure reading the blog.

so long, and thanks for all the fish!

Abez said...

Wha? Wait? hunh? I mean, err... don't go! please!


Nuts. Well, at least I still know you in real life, right?

And you'll still send me ZP and AP pics? Cuz I love em!