Gojira is coming! Gojira is coming! AAAIIIiiiii . . . iiiiii . . . iii.


Friday: arrival, Ben's Chili Bowl for some chili cheeseboigahs and fries, home
Saturday: Breakfast (either force TP to make spanish tortilla or get brunch somewhere or both); lunch with LB and KG followed by birthday party for Maggie Jane (ain't no party like a two-year-old party); Kotobuki sushi for dinner
Sunday: [radio edit]
Monday: Breakfast at Tryst or the Diner or Open City; return to Union Station and grab some of Vaccaro's cannoli to go.

Hmmm. It appears that your entire visit will be based up and revolve around food. That okay with you? Yeah. Thought so.


Saeed said...

so those are all the stops the Baji-fan-crowd needs to make this weekend..?
Unfortunately for me, I can't join them (the crowd).

baji said...

well, the stops are tailor-made or custom-chosen or what have you depending on the person. so if you were to visit, we'd probably work in a trip to food factory (delicious and cheap kebabs) and a viewing of the twilight tattoo or a free concert by one of the many military bands: