"Everybody, MOVE!"

I have been attending the American Bar Assocation Intellectual Property Law Conference for the last few days and have learned/had forgotten several things:

  • Hotel coffee often tastes burnt and is undrinkable but if you add a packet of hot chocolate mix to create a home-made mocha, it is not half bad.
  • Although knowledgable and articulate, Patricia E. Hong, Partner, Plumsea Law Group, LLC, does not know how to pronounce the word "skirmish" and perpetually pronounced the word as "squirmish" which made me squirm each time she did so.
  • Susan Scafidi, Visiting Professor of Law, Fordham University Law School is a great speaker who had interesting things to say and has a sense of humor that is rarely seen at these kinds of events.
  • No matter how fast I walk, how busy I look, or how studiously I ignore people around me, I can't walk down the street free of suggestion.
  • I have become very spoiled working from home and had a low threshold of tolerance for the thunderstorm I had to run through during my commute today. The intensely bright, sunny day that followed the thunderstorm made up for it.
  • I had forgotten how much I could read on the Metro with no distractions or errands or other matters to occupy my time.


sophister said...

Fugazi had a female lead at some point? Or is that just some random person?

baji said...

amy pickering worked at dischord and had a band herself called Fire Party but i don't think she was officially part of fugazi.

sophister said...

minor threat that is.

Owl said...

Haha, I SO often have bulletin 2 moments. I remember one conference on coastal developments, the speaker - and Egyptian gentleman who had obviously been told Arabs get their b's and p's mixed up - kept referring to concrete slabs as "concrete slaps." I will, one day, be thrown out of a press con or forum for my behind-the-hand giggling.

And as to bulletin 4, you know you have a certain luminosity. Like moths to a light. :D

baji said...

sph - eh?

owl - oh man, i thought the desi "i'm going to give you a tight slap" sounded painful. i'm totally going to use "i'm going to give you a concrete slap" at the next opportunity. also, where the hell is my moth repellent?